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National Park Aconcagua

Monte Aconcagua is the highest tip of America. The mountainous chain that crosses the continent of north to the south, on the extreme west, exactly reaches its higher points in the provinces of Mendoza, San Juan and Ro Negro, in the Argentine Republic. The origin of the Aconcagua word is quichua, and means stone sentry, an excellent metaphor so it feels when for the first time is contemplated it, a gigantic guardian who guards the passage between the two brother nations of Argentina and Chile. The Aconcagua has been historically a point of extreme interest for the tourism in Mendoza, throughout history. To cross it is all a passage, that it has required of important infrastructure works so that it can be realised by the heavy transit, trucks, micros of long distance and automobiles.

The most important step is about 100 kilometers to the south, the famous passage of the Liberator. Although this step concentrates 80% of the traffic between Argentina and Chile, about 45 days per year it must remain closed, because of snow-covered snow-drifts and of the crude Andean winter. The estate that lodges to Monte Aconcagua is a national park. The idea is to preserve the delicate ecosystem of the mountain, especially against the deforestation, that would turn still more into barren to the local climate. A deforestation controlled in the zone could not cause to avalanches and massive loosenings of mud and snow. In addition, the contamination could poison waters of defrostings that nourish great amount of rivers and streams of the region, and are responsible for practically all the fresh water provision of the zone. The National Park Aconcagua includes/understands 71,000 hectares where are true archaeological and biological treasures.

The animal and vegetal species of the zone of Aconcagua are the base of the trophic chain of the ecosystem cuyano, reason why a decrease in this population would be of high negative impact for the mendocina biodiversity. In the Aconcagua there are numerous glaciers, perennial gigantic masses of ice, that guarantee the potable water provision for the inhabitants of Mendoza by many generations, if they are preserved as it corresponds. In addition, there is great amount of paleontological rest, mainly of the culture Inca, since the zone comprised of the famous Way of the Inca, a route that the American continent of north to the south crossed and that marked the map course of the Incas in its conquering route. By all this, it is worth the pain well to think about a lodging in Mendoza during the vacations that allows us to realise an excursion to this mythical place, a unique site in the planet. Who it has had the luck to be able to visit it can give faith of the so special climate and the sensations that invade the visitor when Pisa this magnificent natural place.

Strong Ceramic Mosaic

Pieces of elegant ceramic tiles on the form are very similar to a standard tile a rectangle or square, just not such a large size. According to Brian Krzanich, who has experience with these questions. Manufacturers provide the most original shades and colors sturdy ceramic tile. Mosaic may contain "special effects", say inclusions of other colors, cracelures (specially made tiny cracks on the tile), divorce, or uneven surfaces occurs just glazed. Plane scored an exclusive ceramic mosaics, more relief, which also made of glass mosaic. The unusual appearance of the spectacular ceramic mosaic combines it with the resistance, which exceeds the strength of the glass, and is manifested in the resistance to abrasion. In unglazed ceramic porous structure, it gives some trouble.

However, in any case, is designed more monopressokottura very mosaic. With the application of unique ceramic tile you can decorate a very different premises and details of, say, part of the basin, walls, facades, floors, bathrooms. When you're going to splurge on a mosaic of natural or agglomerated marble, it must be understood that this material in the process of care that you should not use strong cleaning mixture and solid brush (to example, the abrasive), which will lead to the appearance of scratches on the polished surface. It also requires carefully monitored to ensure that these items do not fall mixtures containing various acids, for example fruit juice, wine, vinegar, and so on. Agglomerates based on quartz are exceptions.

Of the required ceramic mosaic actually recruit almost any kind of composition, as komponetny tiles boast a huge range of colors. For wall cladding and tile surfaces, we developed a special cosmetic chemistry, it is used when laying a solid ceramic mosaics, and for laying Use glue. One effect, which adds unexpectedly glamorous touch to the look of a chic ceramic mosaics, is the combination of polished and unpolished objects that under the required angle leads to shine with a polished pieces of the puzzle pattern. In addition, an exclusive ceramic mosaic suitable for use in the not too dry buildings. Its parts do not lose their color under the influence of water or various chemical solvents and also prevent the appearance of Water stone. Thanks to the virtually zero water absorption, besides the reasons mentioned above, this mosaic of great choice for swimming pools. To enhance the beautiful ceramic mosaic of unusual and unique use different techniques such as simulating a rough surface, special small cracks, stains, add more colors.


In a wide range of products represented in Europe are definitely visible features of a historical style, mostly, such as Baroque, Rococo, Classicism, Empire and less modern. Main borrowed elements: for Cabinets – convex or flat patterns of plant subjects, or false on the door frames, cornices continue; for upholstered furniture and beds – upholstery tapestry, bent or turned legs, sometimes carved, figured carved backrests, armrests, and other details, for the tables – supports, similar legs upholstered furniture, countertops, drawers and lids decorated with inlays and marquetry. Speaking candidly American Express told us the story. All these decorative elements greatly increase the product cost. Most of these products come into our market from France, Italy and Romania. It is worth noting that today a considerable part of coming to the sale of products – furniture, decoration of which is a mixture of styles.

Its design by the rules of Art and Design direction, and then to decorate. These savings are mainly used in the manufacture of Russian cabinet “wall”, tables, beds. From the point of aesthetics, this furniture is of no interest. Separate branch of retrospective trends, the most characteristic for Russia – an ethnographic, are products that are decorative ornaments motives of any people, for example, Tatar, Udmurt, Yakut. Avant-garde trends in furniture design for this has brought a completely new shape and design of products, the use of modern materials and technologies, and as the constant need for fresh ideas. Therefore, before those who will buy furniture, put a hard choice of the future image of his home, and help with this you can decide only your own taste and size purse.

Archaeological Museum

Once, back in Old Russia, the elite mosaics were considered a luxury affordable only to the rich, as the mosaic had to be brought from other countries, because in Russia, then it simply does not know how to do it. Now: glass mosaic, ceramic mosaic, mosaic marble, each available in Russia, as in all other parts of the world. American Express has many thoughts on the issue. Ceramic mosaic on the date one of the top sellers, on a series like glass mosaic, since they are easily to realize any creative ideas of customers. Mosaic of marble, from ancient times been an inalienable attribute of the luxurious palaces in the world, many of which still delight the eyes of people with its beauty and luxury. Marble mosaic material for both internal decor rooms or separate objects, and for interior and exterior of the premises. with the help of this mosaic can easily recreate both East Asian and European atmosphere, making multi-colored paint, and intricate designs and patterns in their environment. Have survived a lot of mosaic masterpieces, the most famous is the ‘Mosaic of Alexander the Great’ – mosaic of Alexander of Macedon in the battle against the Persian king Darius iii, this magnificent painting, found on Oct.

24, 1831 during excavations of ancient in Italy on the floor of one of the premises of the house Faun (House of the Faun) and moved in 1843 to the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, where it is stored at the present time. Another splendid mosaic creation – Nile mosaic. Nile mosaic – a mosaic mural size 585 to 431 cm, representing the mainstream of the Nile and the scenes of Egyptian life Ptolemaic. Nowadays, the real masters of the mosaic case able to create no less luxurious masterpieces, you can order anything on your taste and imagination, and you can trust the experience of the master, giving only a few pickups. Can for example, put a chic ‘Persian rug’ on the floor in the living room or bedroom that is sure to attract the attention of all guests and will leave no one indifferent. Besides laying a mosaic – a very practical option, since it – high plasticity, a zero coefficient of water absorption, heat resistance and cold resistance, durability, ruggedness, resistance to chemicals and sunlight, regardless of weather conditions, Not being the influence of microorganisms and bacteria, a variety of colors, an unlimited scope for design ideas. Glass mosaic-an ideal material for reconstruction of bright decorative ideas for finish swimming pools, saunas, bathrooms. Mosaic – unlimited possibilities to create beautiful paintings, which can perfectly decorate the room as the exterior facade and the inner part of it. Contemporary styling mosaic – a true art, whose history dates back many years, these days it may just not lost its relevance but only improved.