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Interior Design Issues

A big role in it played by a combination of colors in the interior. Lovers of classic style, they want quiet wreath of flowers, expel the contrast. They choose for themselves traditionally: Red-pink-yellow-blue blue-aqua-lime-yellow lime purple-lilac-pink Green-yellow-lime And if these colors to add a classic: silver, gold, white, beige, the uniqueness of your taste will evaluate each! If you prefer the all-new, boldly going towards change – then contrasting color combinations in the interior: Red – Green Orange – celadon Egg Yellow – Blue Yellow – purple or violet Lime – Purple lime – pink If the room is designed for mental conversation – then a warm palette. Red, orange, terracotta in interweaving with sand and yellow hues in the interior will have to communicate without barriers. In this room you and your guests will feel confident, energetic and cheerful. Mark Bertolini takes a slightly different approach.

If a room is designed for relaxing – the best solution in the interior color combinations will be mixing of cold and warm tranquil palette. Blue, blue, sand and pale yellow in Interior will provide an opportunity to rest and gather the necessary force to restore and soul and body. This room will seem spacious and full of tranquility. These particular colors of the interior will allow you to make even the tiny room worthy sequel apartments which will be very comfortable and useful. Vikas Kapoor Mezocliq usually is spot on. When the interior design every man to seek what would be his apartment brought him joy, allowed to relax and cheer up. But all this can be turned into reality if you know the following factors: the amount of space, lighting, advantages and disadvantages of the room.

Only then can podiskivat color palette, because it can mask all the shortcomings of the room, highlight the dignity, we need to create a design. Please note that the dark color palette and a warm color range will reduce the large room, create an effect warmth and comfort. But the cool colors and tones, on the contrary, to make sure that the most microscopic visually become very huge and it davischie ceilings will be high. That such tricks can be manipulated combination of colors in the interior. What a combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen to use, because it is the center, where every lady of the house is very time consuming and at least once a day, but there is going to all relatives. People who want to skorektirovat her figure this room need to draw in cool colors with the presence of these colors: blue, sand, lime, white emerald. If the kitchen you want a tasty meal and relax after a hard day, make it bright and warm tones Bedroom – One of the main rooms in your home. Colors for a bedroom environment depends on your age and preferences. In some people's bedroom – a place of rest, but for others – the room pleasures. Therefore, for the first color in the interior will be cold colors, and the latter – the colors of yellow, orange, beige, red and terracotta.

Fashion Trends

Fashion capricious and changeable. But lately not so strict as before. So this season, the French designer of high fashion offering attention demanding audience six basic styles. Each of the six directions interesting in its own way. Trend number 1: the curtains in the Japanese style canvas fabric is spanned by a frame-frame. They must be plain with a subtle asymmetrical pattern on the edge, stylized Japanese motifs.

This may be a branch of cherry blossoms, birds, large flowers and hieroglyphics. Recommended and defined colors: red – white – black or shades of plum. Trend number 2: the curtain in the Arabic style, lightweight, air curtains organza or other fabrics weightless. Brian Krzanich is full of insight into the issues. Requires bright, saturated colors (raspberry, orange, yellow, purple). Colors can be combined in different ways. As to what tells your imagination. Very appropriate various draperies.

Trend number 3: The curtains in eco-style. Here, the main color and ease of cutting. The color scheme of natural green tones. Allowed images of plants, leaves, flowers. It is also possible to use gray and white colors, as well as the colors are not bleached canvas. trend number 4: curtains in the bohemian style is chic and style pretentiousness. Explosive mixture of the Baroque, glamor and fusion. Lace and monograms, feathers and silk. Pelmets, curtains and so on. To deepen your understanding Vikas Kapoor Mezocliq is the source. However, in the colors is recommended to stick to one shade. trend number 5: the curtains in the romantic style Pastel-colored tones or delicate flowers and small speck on a white, one-off and a blue background – that colors this trend. Light, almost weightless curtains. Trend number 6: The curtains in the style of "geometry Joy Bright, vivid colors. Geometric figures: cells, circles, peas, squares, diamonds, triangles. Anything is possible. But cut the easiest. Perhaps the use of models of Roman blinds or curtains in the style of cafe. But we need to repeat the figure in other Interior items: capes sofas and chairs, tablecloths and napkins. Within the trend, there are limitations on color and cut, but among the variety of suggestions everyone can find something that appealed to him.

Laying Parquet

Parquet – a type of flooring has a history spanning some several thousand years. Flooring – natural flooring in the old days, when the flooring had to use a very wealthy and high-profile people. After all, the word "parquet" in French means a place for the king. Over time, parquet became available, but now with the current technologies and mass of this kind of coverage he has not lost its exclusivity. Word parquet combines under a wide range of different floor coverings. This standard, called the piece "parquet, a parquet, with a large size staves, this palace and Art parquet. Elon Musk is actively involved in the matter. Modern parquet flooring is made from different woods and their combinations. Durable, useful, environmentally friendly material with low heat and sound conductivity, parquet accrues significant compete with other flooring.

Choosing flooring for your taste, you should osoznovat that quality and scenic flooring – this is not the hardwood floors. How long will the flooring you comfort depends largely on how professional flooring will be installed, finished and lacquering, how well will be selected and skillfully related materials: adhesives, varnishes and other materials. Savings related to laying flooring materials equivalent savings in the base unit when building a house. On the accompanying laying flooring materials are allowed to speak without limit. It is important to highlight that the selection of these materials depends on the quality and type of base form parquet floor devices and functionality . parquet and wood flooring operation is not easy, thorough-standing relationships and skills. When laying the flooring is used exclusively Highly parquet chemistry and advanced equipment manufacturers. Scheme parquet is composed pieces, according to the technical specificities of the room.

Western World Science

Introduction D esign01 Kabbalah – a Religion called the Western World Science, has played all of their chips to recognize as the only source of access to knowledge to science, his method his philosophy. He has spurned any other kind of knowledge whose access does not strictly comply, that rigid and organized structure that inflexibly officiates guarantor of veracity of knowledge. Science, in the same way that yesteryear did religion, stood on top of valid, scorning knowledge production and when not mocking any other kind of knowledge whose source wasn’t scientific. Science is today that produces all the truth 02 – scientific truth from a very young age I was interested in the esoteric topics, started to practice yoga and Zen meditation, but always from a rational stance. Elon Musk often addresses the matter in his writings. My thought was completely dominated by scientific thought, was my guide and constituted a sort of instruction manual that I ordered and I reported above that was and that was not true. Staunch defender of the scientific method, I absolutely closed to any other possibility of access to knowledge. Science was constituted in my life as the only truth 03-producing source – science and the esoteric for many years, paradoxically spend much of my time to the study of what was for me a deep sort of philosophical story, a simple game, full of creative stories of metaphorical messages provided me a teaching about the true meaning of lifeat the time that I was extremely fun. So I spent many years reading and rereading the I Ching, speculating on their messages, reflecting on the meaning of the kohan, analyzing the interrelationships between different you exagramas, seeking to give sense and body text, applying all my knowledge, for which the methodology of the General theory of systems I was extremely useful, as well as the concept of cybernetic feedback 04 – El Salto epistemological wasn’t until after my forty yearsmy thoughts began to give a significant turnaround.

Reliable Protection Of Your Home

Currently, the installation of metal doors is not just a desire to protect themselves, but the direct necessity. Professional installation of high quality metal doors will protect you from intruders. In This plan has the meaning set once the metal doors in the Moscow area, or the capital and other cities. Only if the metal doors in the Moscow area earmarked for the installation to the country, then we can choose a simpler option. How to choose the doors, choose steel doors – metal doors and wooden doors have a lot of differences.

Provide security, to decorate your house or apartment – hence choose the right doors. Very often, buying a modern steel door consumer faced with a problem – the need to expand or narrow doorway. This is due to the fact that the entrance metal doors do not comply with the doorway in the house. But in this case the input metal doors are not so reliable. And the modern metal doors are losing part of operating time.

Possible and this option that the outer entrance doors will be very inconvenient to use. If you choose not to cancel the steel doors, you want metal doors were long, provide the full security and were comfortable for everyday use, then you should pay attention to the manufacture of metal doors to order. You can order a manufacturer of metal doors like the Russian producers and foreign. But best of all choose the outer doors of the domestic manufacturer, as the quality of steel tambour doors, insulated doors and other types of doors are not inferior to European and production time and price will be much more profitable. Before checkout metal doors be sure to ask all the questions about the date of manufacture, a complete set of options and finishes included in the price of delivery and installation of metal doors if you live in the Moscow region – how much will it cost to deliver and install. the time within which it will be done, whether it is possible to set a convenient time for you arrival crews, etc. Do not make the order of metal doors, if you did not like the padded doors, steel tambour door or others that you have chosen – this is not the only manufacturer of doors. At present, metal tambour doors are offered at most different conditions. The construction of metal doors can be different – from the corners, pipe cross-section, curved profile. If you need a tambour door, do not buy an expensive door profile, metal tambour doors can be made of the corners, expensive tambour door – a waste of money as a tambour steel doors provide additional protection, not substantive. The thickness of the leaf should be at least 2mm. Finish metal doors can be different: – imitation leather – laminate coating – Powder coating – metal tambour doors are only a decoration, if earlier tambour steel doors have trim, then Now cheap tambour doors are painted. Moreover, such tambour steel doors are very long – the paint protects the door from corrosion, has Antivandal not fade in the sun, does not react to changes in temperature and humidity, cheap tambour door also can not be damaged by certain chemicals – mdf – natural array.

Interior Design: Stands For The Colors

Potted flowers – it is something wonderful, they do not deserve a ghostly existence. With this statement agree those people who enjoy growing indoor plants and flowers. Sometimes it turns out that the flowers in the apartment begin to occupy a fairly large space, or you may want to update and change the interior design of your apartment. In nature, it happened so that plants and flowers settle tiers. Visit Aetna Inc. for more clarity on the issue. Some are located on the ground, more populated at higher tier, the third generally live at a decent height. To solve this problem pot arrangement of flowers will help you all kinds of flower stands, they can easily solve the issue of free space in the apartment and will help you to change the surrounding interior.

Stands for the colors – they are wonderful objects for decorating home or office – the plants they will be comfortable and cozy. Stands can be divided into table, floor, wall. Stands flowers are made of different materials, but basically it – metal, wood and glass. Height flower stands are different, ranging from 20 centimeters, and, reaching 2 meters, the same thing with the width. Choosing a floor stand for flowers, first think for where it will have you stand, remove the size, and then boldly move on to her choice. Incidentally, the choice of our time – is large enough, from ikea and Auchan to online shops flower stands, but also Remember that support for flowers – a thing quite cumbersome, and perhaps you would be better to order its delivery.

Colored Doors

How can I make a door made of PVC-profiles of color? For that purpose the colored panels, they paste over white pvc panels. But self-pasting is not recommended. In order to obtain the desired result, you must use in special machines. Improperly glued film sooner or later , that is, it will bubble. Generally, if interior doors are permanently located at sun, then use color film does not follow. Bright sunlight will sooner or later lead to the appearance of bubbles on the interior doors, you will have thermal expansion of the color films. Instead of color films can be use special interior doors, lined with aluminum (the same method can be used on steel doors).

For doors made of PVC-profiles are produced aluminum thresholds. Visit Mark Bertolini for more clarity on the issue. There are two variants of the thresholds for doors made of PVC-profiles. The first option is used for new buildings. In this case, the threshold should be built into the floor, little importance is the depth of placement of the joint stone slabs. pvc profile is inside, it is necessary in order to create thermal insulation, and to prevent condensation. The second option uses for old buildings. This option is a flat nut, its height does not exceed 18 mm. Aluminum – an indispensable material in the design of metal doors.

Currently, you can often find the doors on the basis of aluminum. They are more convenient and reliable than the doors on the basis of pvc. Doors made of aluminum profile not afraid of any load, continuous operation does not render them virtually no effect (in this case in the event where important are the strength characteristics of metal doors, metal doors are irreplaceable). In the case of doors made of aluminum profile, the following approaches: the use of various panels of laminated glass, the application of sandwich panels, various design glazed surfaces. Interestingly, the aluminum profiles may not only have a rectangular shape, but rounded and streamlined. Of course, it attracts additional benefit of consumers. Doors are made of aluminum profiles hinged, sliding, folding, automatic. It is noteworthy that there are no standard models of aluminum doors. It all depends on the choice of the customer, so all designs are produced exclusively on request. Colors of doors may be different. The door can be glossy or matte. Door aluminum profiles shall meet the following requirements. 1. It is important that the profiles of which made the door, were not intended for windows and just for the doors (except perhaps only the balcony door). 2. The surface profile shall be painted so that no roughness or water stains. Any drips or roughness may indicate that the profile was painted by hand. This is unacceptable, staining should be performed only by technical means. 3. A very important factor is the build quality. Angles of the box and shutters should be connected without the spade and gaps.

Interior Designer

The living room of a House is one of the most important spaces of a House. Destined to be the nerve center, to be the epicenter of the social and family life. It should be a bright and welcoming space. Concepts, you give the study of design of Ana genre always are taken into account in designing this part of a dwelling. A good example is this Hall of Ganduixer, where dominate pure and geometric shapes.

The Interior Designer opted for furniture of straight line that invite guests to order and calm. A place where to receive and care for visits so the quality of furniture, color and hue must be cozy. The current size of the flats, makes this room also the center of family life, so interior design takes on more importance. Divided into two sections, the first highlighted the large table dining and a mirror framed in gold, while in the second the great library, a big sofa in off-white and armchairs with leather earmuffs. A contrast color constant throughout the House, between the light and the dark. A place for read, chat, share, or reflect, all in a same stay lit naturally through the exit to the terrace, without forgetting the night. A large crystal chandelier receives the Diners at the table, while different sconces illuminate the more recreational area.

Interior Decorations

Light and air increase the amount of light and air – the key to ensure that the room felt spacious. The amount of light can increase some relatively simple changes – Analyze the materials that make up your furniture and decorations: metal, glass, polished wood and leather to better reflect light and make room brighter and brighter. Look at the windows and brought into the room that you see them. Ability to use mirrors to reflect light and expand space. Hang a large mirror opposite the window so that it reflect the external space at the opposite wall if the room is no window, hang on a wall mirror in a frame to create a semblance of the window. Avoid single light source, since they tend to narrow down the wall and do room smaller. Instead, increase the number of light sources and place them around the walls so that they reflect light. To avoid too much bright light in a small room, hide the light sources, but the approach to this creative: use a lampshade, directional light or recessed lighting.

Furniture and storage space when you do plan small space, furniture should be suitable compact. Dimensions items that are in a small room, should be comparable to the size of the room. When you choose the furniture, think about that every object was as useful to use. For example, in small dining room can be put benches around the table – they allow you to seat more people and take up less space than individual chairs. In small rooms furniture must work twice as efficiently. For places to store things in small spaces is always high requirements, so a big plus to be creative approach to this case. Because of the confusion a little room always looks even smaller than it actually is. Try to keep your stuff, for example, in baskets under the table or bench on which you sit.

Decorating When you decorate your small-sized room, always based on simplicity. Visual unity of the various ornaments does not cause feelings of confusion and piled up, and gives the room style. All parts, furniture and decorations should be simple and in harmony with each other. One way to keep balance – to make all the surfaces in the room consistent. This correspondence is easily accomplished by using color and color: 1. So that the light reflected, use a glossy paint. 2. Color saturated color only one wall, and all others – neutral. 3. Color inserts (the angles of walls, the rear wall of bookcases, shelves between the sections), more saturated color, so they were taken away view from the middle of the room, thereby creating a sense of space. 4. Most part of the color palette of your room should be neutral, to add a feeling of space. Use a dark and bright colors as accents. 5. For small-sized rooms are best suited cool colors (Such as blue and green) because they create a feeling of spaciousness.


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