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Birthday Party

For the year incomprehensible screaming and larger-being is becoming a real little man. First baby adapts to the new world, then learn to move in it, to solve different problems, to experience emotions. The main thing that helps in this baby, it's the desire to know everything. Inquisitive pipsqueak constantly in motion, he tries to climb up everywhere, so there are disassembled and scattered to consider. Only considering the importance of understanding the outside world for a baby, his greedy interest in everything new and ongoing activities, you can choose a nice gift. You will take the first prize in the competition "The most banal baby gift", if you decide to give a towel or bed linen. Believe me, the young mother Nadaraya a couple of dozen towels for the birth of the child, and they will last at least until school.

The same goes for the bed linen. The kid should not too many sets, the more, more and more young mothers sleep with a joint practice child. It should also add that the value of these gifts to the baby will not soon be able to understand and it is unlikely they will be glad. The exceptions are things hand-made, store the heat of your hands. For example, a patchwork quilt with sewn on his beautiful applications, will almost certainly be one of his favorite things. For gifts of this kind is, and clothing: buy more only if you know exactly the size of the child and the fact that he's sorely needed is a overalls.

Wedding Traditions In Denmark

Tradition prior to the ceremony. The traditional pre-wedding custom in Denmark – the erection of the arch of pine branches (Arch of Honor). Put around the bride's family home. The next arch will be installed when the couple will celebrate their Silver Jubilee. Wedding Reception At one point during the wedding banquet, the groom disappears. All men are fit for a bride to kiss her.

After the return of the groom lost bride. All the invited girls suited to the groom and give him kisses. By tradition, the wedding party, while dancing, all the guests gather around the groom and everyone is trying to cut with scissors in hand of a tie or socks. Wedding cake weddings in a traditional Danish wedding cake is a pie in Denmark from marzipan. It is also called pie abundance.

Made by adding almond cake, paste, marzipan. Outside is decorated with ornaments of sugar, and inside is filled with almonds, fresh fruit, candy. The newlyweds cut the cake together, to avoid failures. Each guest must eat a piece.


The girl shared her experiences and problems in his personal life, the guy was trying to help her. The girl did not want to hang their problems on others, and burn their cargo to another fate, so as not to hurt someone close already … but the guy gave her strength and faith, and slowly poured it into her life, becoming an integral a part of. The girl has a guy best friend, but eventually the guy at times noticed that the girl become a lot more to it than just a friend. Gradually, he fell in love with her, but she could not admit it, too little time, they were destined.

A girl in a guy to notice changes, it sometimes asked questions that the guy he had to hide the answers so as not to lie, because he could not lie to this girl. And now is the time of parting, the guy was almost killed. And it was love. They went into last night walk … There is the guy gave the girl his letter, the last letter in which he talked about his feelings, the night was over and their fate was to break up … But here they were given a chance and they used it, they gave the meeting and a week together …

… The guy loved the girl, the girl fell in love with a guy. Their world merged together and became one of a whole … But time ran out and began to test the strength … who goes first or the love stronger. There have been many trouble, but only together: a girl and boy, boy and girl together … but they overcame them. Before them was the choice of waiting or it's over, they decided to try to continue … The guy has never regretted it … Girl thanked the guy for what he was … just have to wait very long to wait … and love. Love is stronger than time … …