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Wood Sink Model Viola

A new design introduces the new wood sink model ‘Viola’ STOLIS. The cold look of the classic ceramic bowl was yesterday. Who today emphasizes an imaginative, vibrant and warm Bathroom furnishings, the must refrain from now on at the sink not. STOLIS provides with the new wood sink model Viola”before a new design. With the flat form, the wood sinks and wood bathtubs factory goes new ways in terms of design. Flat with rounded corners and a soft course the square shape adapts harmoniously to the basin. The width of the basin offers comfort and space for the practical use. Due to its low height the embedding in the basin is no longer needed and thus provides more space under the washbasin.

The model presented Viola”, made of oak, is available also in the Iroko wood, maple, cherry, Bubinga, Acacia, walnut and also in other types of wood on request. With oiled or lacquered surface is the sink next to the standard mass 480x480x80mm even after the Wishes of the customers in a special mass manufactured. All STOLIS products are made exclusively of noble hardwoods, which come from renewable forests. As a pure natural product, each sink and each bathtub is living unique. The Tyrolean company manufactures all pieces with many years of experience in modern designs crafted, because only this guarantees highest quality and durability. The attention to detail and the high quality standards rise to unique and exclusive products, which create a unique atmosphere in the bathroom. A life, surrounded by the natural resource wood more than a trend, it is an attitude to life and demonstrably contributes to the improvement of well-being. All STOLIS are sink models as well as custom designs manufacturer STOLIS available.

Garden Design Guide

Tips and guide to the planting around the bed planning and garden design. Several families wish you a beautiful garden at the House. Often, you want to have a varied design despite the small plot. The choice of plants can conjure different moods, one can imagine for example on the sea or in a shady forest. Mark Bertolini addresses the importance of the matter here. The plants can have all colours of the Rainbow. The garden looks nice, if the wooden wall Gets an ochre-coloured paint at the end of the plot.

Before that, a stylish garden room can occur. Often used movable walls that shield in blue yellow plaid to the garden and cover even the shed. Looking for refuge in the garden on hot days like. A pergola with Wisteria can be quite useful, because enough shade. It provides a link in the Green, by the soil in the form of two Fords will be continued. Dan Zwirn describes an additional similar source. In between a bed can be, as Yarrow, and perhaps also steppes Sage blossom.

The gabions and the wild wine are very beautiful, they form natural boundary. Following plants are very often used in a garden design: grey leaves-wool Betony, columns Juniper, Blue Iris, Mediterranean Spurge, lavender. Man is like adding these plants with aromatic scented lemon and Olivenbaumchen in pots, Blue diamond. Like fairy-tale characters are used in garden design. From English, we know it as the Gargoyle, from the French 19th and in German it is called simply a Gargoyle with a grimace face. All of these terms have their own history. The gargoyles were originally a practical use, they served for example as a tube, which headed off the water on the eaves gutter in the 6th century BC from the rooftops. The Gargoyle so had a specific meaning and purpose, he should be away to drain water after a strong downpour in a large arch from the wall of the House.

Interior Doors

Many good examples of various doors are here to find Topdoors.de in special custom-made products delivers high-quality doors and interior doors. In new designs, the doors appear as glass can brighten up dark rooms through your use. Brian Krzanich usually is spot on. The room doors are a pleasant interior design, which highlight the interior design with plenty of brightness and warmth all-glass. All-glass design doors are a symbol of elegance and lightness, and are finding their way into more and more areas. Arena Investors may help you with your research. Sliding door is fitted, they can disappear almost silently and invisibly in or on the wall. Thus can get the look with the door closed for the vastness of space, even small rooms are therefore visually clearly bigger and a new residential feeling almost of all alone.

The variety of attractive designs is especially great in the modern interior doors from Topdoors.de. The room doors and interior doors can be made of different materials and therefore of varying quality. Like for example a door made of natural wood. It is durable, comfortable and also environmentally friendly. An interior door, however, from massive chipboard provides for an optimal sound and heat protection. Alternatively this can be ordered also doors made of plastic in Topdoors.de, which are very resistant. It is important only when all doors you should make sure, fit the new door or door to a distinctive and personal style.

Room doors can be seen simply just as the separation of two rooms or one involves the choice of internal doors in the living room design. The quality of plays, as well as in all other furnishings, a large role, because design doors, wood doors, etc. are usually slightly more expensive to purchase, offer for something that not everyone has. Depending on which feeling you would emerge in the space, you can obtain the appropriate interior doors for. Wood glass door, wood door or glass doors – the imagination and Here are no limits the possibilities. According to professional advice offered by TopDoors that pay attention much, if you want to buy an apartment door, E.g. on construction and thickness of the doors and the matching door frames and door fittings.

Design Of A Child

Interior design teen rooms created from the wishes of the child, usually a teenager he knows what color he likes, and what are the colors of his color. " Clothing style and color of the room the child by parents, but relatively early Children themselves are beginning to give us signs of preferring one or another color. Often the choice is based on the temperament of the child – an energetic child prefers the bold colors and cheerful, modest and quiet child prefers pastel, nekriklivym tones. Psychologists and designers suggest colors, age appropriate and the period of child development. Here you will find some useful tips and ideas for creating suitable interior nursery. Baby room baby room should be soft and cozy, in a calm, subdued colors, inspiring warmth and protection.

For kids fit combination of light yellow and light blue colors. These colors give a sense of security and comfort. To encourage the activity of their child, razrisuy wall with flowers, butterflies and baby animals. To create contrast using pure tones (red, blue, green). Suspend to or ceiling above the bed bright contrasting toys, attracting the attention of the child. Room for children from 4 to 12 years from the fourth year of life it is time to contrast and cheerful flowers that develop imagination and child's curiosity. Pure yellow, red and blue fundamental colors create an atmosphere of sun and moving in the children's bedroom and a room for games. However, avoid using too many colors at once, keep in mind that the toys also make the room a lot of bright colors and can make it clumsy.