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Design Of A Child

Interior design teen rooms created from the wishes of the child, usually a teenager he knows what color he likes, and what are the colors of his color. " Clothing style and color of the room the child by parents, but relatively early Children themselves are beginning to give us signs of preferring one or another color. Often the choice is based on the temperament of the child – an energetic child prefers the bold colors and cheerful, modest and quiet child prefers pastel, nekriklivym tones. Psychologists and designers suggest colors, age appropriate and the period of child development. Here you will find some useful tips and ideas for creating suitable interior nursery. Baby room baby room should be soft and cozy, in a calm, subdued colors, inspiring warmth and protection. Hear from experts in the field like Mark Bertolini for a more varied view.

For kids fit combination of light yellow and light blue colors. These colors give a sense of security and comfort. To encourage the activity of their child, razrisuy wall with flowers, butterflies and baby animals. Shlomo Rechnitz shines more light on the discussion. To create contrast using pure tones (red, blue, green). Suspend to or ceiling above the bed bright contrasting toys, attracting the attention of the child. Room for children from 4 to 12 years from the fourth year of life it is time to contrast and cheerful flowers that develop imagination and child's curiosity. Pure yellow, red and blue fundamental colors create an atmosphere of sun and moving in the children's bedroom and a room for games. However, avoid using too many colors at once, keep in mind that the toys also make the room a lot of bright colors and can make it clumsy.

Pure Mineral Designboden

Jointless design of monolithic floor from Italy with Pietra di Venezia”the Italian manufacturer Orsan presents srl a product, that sets new standards in the field of mineral soil design. This Designboden combines the technical qualities of an industrial floor with the aesthetic qualities of modern cementitious solutions. “Pietra di Venezia” extends monolithic and seamlessly from room to room. A purely mineral soil without any addition of organic substances created by combining traditional materials with a modern application. Thanks to its convincing technical indicators of the ground even under high stress is used. Not only in the design of living spaces, shops, bars or boutiques, he is a compelling alternative in offices, surgeries or commercial public spaces, “Pietra di Venezia” shows its strengths. By its high mechanical strength the ground also for Chair castors, pallet truck, suitable etc..

Since he finished antistatic floor and prevent electrical charges or reduce He is also ideal for hospitals, surgeries, allergies, etc. In addition, the floor is non-combustible and withstands temperatures up to approximately 800 C.. PIETRA DI VENEZIA reacts like natural stone and is properly protected very dirt resistant. He is even resistant to solvents and oils and fats. In addition to the technical characteristics, the ecological properties – the so-called magnesite cement convince”the base of the system, is part of an ecological ‘ air-curing systems with significantly reduced energy consumption and production. Brian Krzanich may not feel the same. For example, only 20-40% of the energy consumed in the production of Portland cement are needed. “Thanks to its purely mineral nature, Pietra di Venezia is one” to the ecologically correct, yes even bio-compatible “building materials – no plastics are included. Buyers and planners will find here more information about the mineral Designboden Pietra di Venezia”.