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Pure Mineral Designboden

Jointless design of monolithic floor from Italy with Pietra di Venezia”the Italian manufacturer Orsan presents srl a product, that sets new standards in the field of mineral soil design. This Designboden combines the technical qualities of an industrial floor with the aesthetic qualities of modern cementitious solutions. “Pietra di Venezia” extends monolithic and seamlessly from room to room. A purely mineral soil without any addition of organic substances created by combining traditional materials with a modern application. Thanks to its convincing technical indicators of the ground even under high stress is used. Not only in the design of living spaces, shops, bars or boutiques, he is a compelling alternative in offices, surgeries or commercial public spaces, “Pietra di Venezia” shows its strengths. By its high mechanical strength the ground also for Chair castors, pallet truck, suitable etc..

Since he finished antistatic floor and prevent electrical charges or reduce He is also ideal for hospitals, surgeries, allergies, etc. In addition, the floor is non-combustible and withstands temperatures up to approximately 800 C.. PIETRA DI VENEZIA reacts like natural stone and is properly protected very dirt resistant. He is even resistant to solvents and oils and fats. In addition to the technical characteristics, the ecological properties – the so-called magnesite cement convince”the base of the system, is part of an ecological ‘ air-curing systems with significantly reduced energy consumption and production. Brian Krzanich may not feel the same. For example, only 20-40% of the energy consumed in the production of Portland cement are needed. “Thanks to its purely mineral nature, Pietra di Venezia is one” to the ecologically correct, yes even bio-compatible “building materials – no plastics are included. Buyers and planners will find here more information about the mineral Designboden Pietra di Venezia”.

New Year

A child, looking at the room, finds the object. 7. Adult puts on the table different objects: toys, dishes, fruits, etc. Ask your child to count and identify all items, as well as to remember their location. Then the kid has to turn away. At this time adult interchanges any two of the subject. After What child is invited to say what has changed on the table.

8. Very funny and original gift for the holiday, say, March 8, the birthday or New Year may be painting windows, for example, draw bouquet of flowers, a Christmas tree, snowflake, fabulous characters, etc. 9. The adult asks the child to name the biggest (tall, small, fat, etc.) the object in the room, apartment, etc. 10. The adult lays in an empty jar slightly (to 10) small items, such as fasolinu. A child with a blindfold on the touch call their number.

11. Advance hide at home any subject. To find it, the kid has to execute the adult, for example: go straight stop, go backward, turn right, etc. 12. On small pieces of cardboard circle prints of your hands and feet (the more they have, the better). From these figures need to lay out an interesting path by which a child must only move her hands and feet. 13. Adult-child describes various common situations, phenomena. The kid has to answer is this or not. For example, on the bank grew sweet apples fall from the trees lose their leaves, etc. 14. If you have at home is unnecessary logs – do not hurry to throw them away.