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Topical Index Titsirovaniya

Hello, seo-masters and magicians! Puzomerki not grow? TIC stands rooted to the spot? What should I do? We need to understand their mistakes and not repeat them. For a start take a look at what the TIC – Topical Index Titsirovaniya it. Notice the word THEME? It then plays a key role in puzomerkah. For example, are unlikely to get this site in the eyes of Yandex link here (although the domains are similar, though). Got it? Site about plants – a move should only be going thematic links, but not everything.

Of course you can spam on blogs and so forth, but do not expect specific results. Another way you can head on to buy links from sites with a link exchange (you know what). But hodyatsluhi that this method is long dead, and search engines can already distinguish such links from the natural. Your will – only if you fail, draining money vnikuda provided. Okay, I will not scare.

And then generally ask puzomerki. I advise you to use such systems as, for example, GoGetLinks. Than remarkable given the way? Links do not appear automatically, and the webmaster places a link itself to the body of the post. Thus it looks like a normal, natural. Ponyatnenko? You can find more other analogues, but in my opinion, this is the best. But as they say, to each his own. By the way, search engines do not quickly find references, so be patient – but worth waiting for Beck in an hour after his appearance – it can take weeks. At last I want to say – the theme Tietz not disclosed. Every month Yandex invents new methods of counting, more and more factors contribute to puzomerki. However, we do not give up easily. Nayydem many other built-up our way power so to speak.

Increase Search Traffic

Explain in brief the essence. As you know the tag is not the last value for search engines. Proper preparation of the tag is an integral part of search engine optimization. Written in a tag, any user can look at the name of the browser window (in the top, left corner). What we have on the service Blogger? Here is an example of his blog. Initially, the blogspot tag registers in the form 'How to make money on the Internet: How to increase search Traffic on Blogger '. This design is different, first thing in it is the name of the blog, and only then the name of the post. This is not a very advantageous position for the search engines.

It was-would be more likely to have high positions in the crescent, If this were the case vice versa. Fortunately, all fixable just 2 clicks! Go to your account at Blogger, select the tab Layout (layout), we find at the beginning of the code the following sentence: Replace it with the following code: Click and save have a better liksiku tag in the form of: 'How to increase search engine traffic to Blogger – How to make money on the internet' I can not say anything about the purity of the experiment, but I have increased search engine traffic. I do not know what is that? C According to 'hack' or traffic grew by itself, but none the less. Another read: Changing the domain on blogspot free co.cc 54 inspiring and original templates for Blogger