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From now on the search exclusivapela productivity of the space to an understanding of the diligent citizen, ' ' detodos the meanings and manifestations that the human work traz' ' , as afirmLima cited by Sampaio (1998, p.27). Thus, what he was ' ' visa as functions ousistemas of the organizations passes to be conceived as polticas' ' (SAMPAIO, 1998, P.27). Filed under: Intel. The author also describes oque was considered fixed and indispensable passing to be conceived as social degrupos actions in the organizations. That is, the people leave of being seen apenascomo resources and start to be ' ' parte' ' of the organization. It is created possibility daparticipao of the individuals in the construction of its workstation and in elaboraode goals objectives aiming at the work that is developed and not only the prescribed quefora. With the new organizacionais forms, at the same time where it opens one espao valuation of the subjectivity human being, Lancman and Uchida (2003, p.81) certifies apreocupao in forming this new man, since ' ' more osprocessos and psychic mechanisms are worried about that explain one definitive behavior esua mudana' ' of what with the individual in itself.

Defato perceives that the interest of the organizations and so great given importance aofator human being in the work environment, still in the times of today, visaespecificamente to the profitability. However we obtain to distinguish the great one avanoobtido the Boarding after from the Relations Human beings whom the greater necessity noticed atenoao individual due the great influence of the same in the workstations. The main author who will be citadoneste work of research, Christophe Dejours according to Lancman and Uchida (2003), criticizes in some texts of its workmanship the relation established with new formasde work, where exactly it compares the current situation of the companies with ' ' one novGuerra World-wide with all the consequences of such fato' ' (LANCMAN and UCHIDA, 2003, P.81).

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– Cancer: Patients with this illness, have history of desperation, lack of hope or possibility to obtain any thing in the life. They are people who do not obtain to see true the sensible one of the life. – Infarct? The typical victim of infarct not accepted aid of nobody, although overloaded of hard work and increased responsibilities. They like to dominate family, the work and the community? Not it discloses deficiencies, nor weaknesses. – Constipation Chronicle – the psychological function Has to ahead express feeling of resistance and negativismo of a world that them seems hostile and unprovided of affection. It is felt rejected and private of affection. Because some symptoms are presented and not others? Because the organism if modifies in different ways under influences of the emotional tension. The children also can fix and similar symptoms to the one of the father and the mother.

also can exist a guilt in result of relative feelings to the parents who can influence in the choice of symptoms. How to prevent psychosomatic illnesses? Physical illnesses constitute outcrops of the confusion summon, of which the individual has only one vacant conscience. Are restrained feelings and that they are to the level of the unconscious one. But the repression can deceive the mind, but to the body, that reacts to the unconscious processes, if not expressing for a physiological language to defend itself of the confusion it summons. Therefore the psycotherapy, and mainly the regression of memory, has been excellent an assistant in the treatment and prevention of the illnesses, after it has the purpose to become conscientious what it has been previously unconscious., making possible to the patient the solution of the difficulties I assist with it of the rational and conscientious mind.

The psychologist looks for to understand which the used mechanisms for the patient that are harming its health. It sees the patient as a whole, knows of the negative effect of the modified emotions, in the diseases of the body. Search to listen to the patient, if involves with the feelings of it, understanding and helping. The people adoecem in such a way because the majority of the psychosomatic disturbances provides to the victim an unconscious secondary profit that serves to perpetuate the disturbance. She is less humilhante still to suffer from one badly physicist of what to suffer emotional problems. WAYS TO HELP 1 EXACTLY ITSELF? It simplifies its life? when the tensions of the life if accumulate, any person can have emotional problems. 2? If it does not leave to disturb for the adversities? to look for to see that the life has other more important things that the difficult moments. 3? It has accepted responsibility of its recovery. 4? It looks for to speak with an aid professional.

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It estresse it occupational if it more shows each time for the humanity as one of males more pernicious to the health of the man of the new century. This man highly informed, brought up to date and ally to the tip technologies and that, at the same time, he loses little by little to its necessity to work hard and to work hard to blunt in the wild market of work. It has seen that this study he has been carried through essentially for bibliographical research on it estresse occupational and Ecology human being, is registered here the intention of if later carrying through a more including study with the had manipulation of 0 variable on this interesting subject of policemen or drivers of bus as victims estresse of it occupational. says that ‘ ‘ the work dignifies homem’ ‘

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At present, the cellular telephones have become, for more and more usuary, in an inseparable companion related to photographies, music, video, connections with dear beings and/or businesses, of which it is difficult to be separated, sometimes it seemed an umbilical cord to the globalised world, nevertheless, the batteries have not advanced to the same step that has made it the number of applications and the dependency degree that we kept towards these movable devices of interaction, reason why turns out useful to pay attention to the best practices for the efficient use of the portable energy storage. Concerning to maintain the life of the batteries working by more time, there are two separated aspects that are related to each other worthy of consideration, as to extend the time it enters loads and like prolonging the total life of the battery. In the present market, there are 3 types of technologies for batteries of cellular telephones, these are: Lithium-ion, Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) and Nickel-Cadmium (NiCD). The batteries with technology Lithium-ion is recommended for their use in cellular telephony for being lighter and to have mejo performance compared to other types. They are lighter 30% and they have a performance 20% generally better than a battery of NiMH type of a similar classification mAh (mAh is an abbreviation for mili-ampere hours, which represent units of electrical charge, in the case of batteries of similar voltage a greater value of mAh indicates that the battery has one better lifting capacity and that it will allow operation of the equipment by a greater time before needing to recharge itself) Another important advantage of the batteries Li-ion is that they are not susceptible to present/display Effect Memory which reduces the lifting capacity of a battery and will be discussed more ahead. Acondicionar is advisable a new Li-ion battery during the first 3 cycles of load, for this the battery in load way is due to leave during all night and to use it until it unloads completely, is important to mention that they can be damaged if they overload persistently, for example leaving connected it by more than 24 hours.


As in the real life, the film shows the 0 variable that influence as many young to search in the drugs the only possibility to run away from the conturbada reality of its familiar nuclei, or still, to become social a group accept the rules to use drug as half to be accepted. In the case of Cristiane F. in the different rejection, therefore due to familiar desestrutura and in virtue of the entrance in the adolescence the same one starts to make new friendships, parties. In one of these Cristiane parties knows a youngster? Detlev, youngster this vitiated in heroine and other similar drugs. Unhappyly, to gain the heart Young the girl leaves itself to influence for the same and from she starts there to use drugs. What for Cristiane it started as a valve of escape of the reality if converted into the biggest problem of its life, starts therefore it to be vitiated and thus using bigger doses each time of heroine. When it was seen without money to buy the drug, had appeared the crises of abstinence or the fiction, therefore the organism of the person who is vitiated to any type of drug does not support the lack of substantiates, causing in the individual very psychic discomfort.

In the abstinence crisis some obsessive thoughts appear, depression, aggressiveness and while the person not to use the drug its aggressive behavior will not diminish, a time that the thought crystallized in relation to the sensation of I alliviate wants the drug will be able to bring to it if it keeps I continue. What if film could to perceive in was that, no matter how hard Detlev and Cristiane F. did not support more the deleterious sensations that the drug was bringing pra for its lives, if kept the automatic thought that they were in the domain of the situation and could skirt the problem and more not to use substances you harm. Only that the speech was well different of the behavior, therefore they had started to search mechanism to obtain the drug, for example, had started to vender its bodies in exchange for money, what she characterizes yourself in the focus in instrumental strategies. This is well-known when we bind the television and we see in the reporter who prostitution has grown next to the consumption of drugs in all the social classrooms. Most lamentable it is that a minimum percentage of users of drugs obtains to be become free vitiates of it, and if they will not be resilientes sufficiently finish for having one fallen again and of this time the situation could be still worse, a time that its force of will to get rid itself of this situation goes to be well lesser to be well worse.