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North Sea

There should be nothing unusual happen more … especially with Norway and Bosnia is not even waiting for the big competition. In the German group D, it seems to Lows guys look quite good. Although the German team is tied for second with the Czech Republic and the third-placed Irishman, but the German team has a game in hand on the account as the Czech Republic or even two fewer than Ireland. The EM participants should be fixed because of the strength of the Czechs and Germans indviduelle thereby. fighting with England in Group E, another large nation hard for the EM-Ticket.

With 11 points, the British are indeed second-place tie with the Israelis, but the Leaders than Croatia (13) and Russians (11 points) represent an acute threat to the British mission "qualification is" – especially since this game a few completed and wish the playful performance of the English leaves much to be just pretty. If the direct duels should be close to the competition in the pants to be Rooney & Co., the games may look at home on vacation. The Spaniards have extreme problems with her group F. The Northern Ireland are already four points is gone, even if they already have a game more in the account. However, with Sweden (three points more aligns with game number) and Denmark (two points and one game less than Spain) are two other nations in the game that might make it perfect for the Spaniards, the embarrassment. Forecast: Here stumbles a top favorite! In group G, it looks for our Dauerrivalen from the North Sea quite good. The situation for the Dutchman is comfortable and the competition from Romania and Bulgaria do not really overpowering. The Romanians, not only in Football Association to draw attention to himself at the end of the nose should have front and put together with the Netherlands, the two participants from group EM-G.

Conclusion: Overall, stumble so few "great" nations. In group A and B will fail in any case a World Cup, while in Group C there is none at all. In football forum of soccer-fans will be hotly debated at least 2008 on the EM. Stay tuned.

Cold Weather

What to wear in cold weather for windsurfing or kitesurfing? In our country the main winds come from the changing seasons. Be warm and dry, it is extremely important in cold weather. Do it quite easily. Here are a few general recommendations to help maintain a balanced body temperature. Are necessary: 1) dry suit 2) Fleece insulation 3) Neoprene shoes 4) Neoprene gloves 5) Underwear 1. If you are not convinced, visit John Strangfeld.

Use modern dry suit for windsurfing and kite surfing, if possible contact with water. Dry suit is designed for riding in extremely cold conditions. Suit should be a little loose, should be considered count of clothing under the suit. 2. If you do not use a special fleece insulation under a dry suit, try to wear comfortable clothes at least. Since it is not breathable fabric very quickly become damp from the fumes that cause imperceptible body hypothermia.

A thin layer of polypropylene underwear will help correct the situation. 3. If the road is dry suits are not available to you now, use a thick wetsuit c dry lightning. Under suit is recommended to wear neoprene vest. Lycra can be used. 4. Additionally, use the top of lifejacket, which will prevent water from leaking in case of hydro-shock during a fall. 5. Keep your head in warm. Use neoprene helmet. Well suited gidroshlem with a visor for water sports in cold weather. Visor protects your eyes from the sun and water. Remember! Supercooling of the head, through the blood vessels quickly lower the body temperature. 6. Use little free neoprene shoes. Ideal boots for the cold water ASCAN Titan, neoprene 7 mm. It is also possible to use thin neoprene socks to keep your feet warm. 7. Wear neoprene gloves if your hands are quickly freezing. There are different models of gloves and mittens, which will satisfy many of the weather conditions in our country. Funwind wish you a successful and comfortable you katalok!