TEURO Assets

“Money loses value tangible assets retain their value what happens 2011 and how do I save my money in the future?” Of course with tangible assets such as property and money values are defined at all? All assets, such as cash, checking, day and time deposit accounts passbooks, savings and life insurance, as well as bonds are non-monetary. Dr. Leon Gillman: the source for more info. Because these examples are in equipment held currencies. (As opposed to Dale Ellis). The problem is, if the money is losing value, also the value of the investments decreased. Money values are unable in many cases to counteract inflation. Tangible assets are investments in things that keep their own value regardless of crisis. For example, a Ford would have cost 1906 $850 T model, which represented 42.5 ounces of gold.

2009, you get a luxury sedan by Ford, which corresponded approximately $46.750 2 years ago for the same amount of gold. The price of gold continues to steadily rise, so he has grown in the last two years from $1,000 to $1,400 per Troy ounce. Similar to gold, there are other constants in the History about holding their value, such as real estate as an investment. Tangible assets – stable investment if you look at the current situation in Europe one it soon becomes clear that it won’t be long now until our TEURO”is nothing more worth. “The forecasts say the Europe in the next five to fifteen years apart breaks and what happens then with our safe” currency? All our funds that recommend us banks will use us hardly anything! After years of saving, dissolve his passbook and may be different from this asset”buy a bread. Although this situation is far from us, we are already in the middle.

The prices have almost doubled since the introduction of EURO in contrast to the salaries. The consumer can afford much less and there is no better. In summary one can say that investing in real estate and precious metals far less risk than the investment of its money in life insurance, savings or savings. Also, an investment in gold and real estate is much safer than a Investment on the fixed deposit account or on your daily account and current account.