The Advice

To place in the surrounding economic light bulbs and uses ducha that it spends little energy 4) In the purchase of remedies it verifies the pharmacies that vendam fracionados medicines to prevent wastefulness. It makes accords in pharmacies that give to discountings the pensioners, however, never it buys in the first address, to search is important, for whom they will have children or grandsons request research of prices in the Internet before going to a pharmacy, to have a real notion of prices and power to negotiate.

For who they have diabetes the advice is to look specialized pharmacies that can offer better prices, great nets can offer better prices and some medicines have similars, but it compares the generic one with the main one, before the generic one he was cheaper, today she is necessary to verify, the difference of prices of remedy between a place and another one arrives more up to 675%, that is, one exactly product that you can buy for at sight R$ 10,00 in another one can be R$ 67,50 and in another one they give 50% discounting, but the price arrives R$ 33,75, because it uses the card of the pharmacy, therefore, the purchase the sight or with personal credit card is the best alternative. It always searches! 5) It looks for to always buy clothes at the end of the month, where the prices are cheaper and find promotions, exactly thus, pechinche, searches and always part discounting, does not have shame, talks with the attendant the respect. It has patience. 6) Purchase of shoes, generally the store have products that they had left the fashion or small hindrances with discountings of up to 70%, exactly in at sight promotion pechinche for discountings.