The Professor

One gives credit that the creative professor, in its pedagogical action will provide conditions so that its pupils inside develop the creativity of the activities proposals. The challenges and difficulties are many, therefore it becomes necessary to the search for solutions that they make possible practical educative attractive for the classroom. The change must start inside of us educators, adopting a critical conscience in the direction to contribute for the formation of people, for in such a way if it makes necessary envolvement with the work and comprometimento with the education the spite of the negative situations, as well as having and revealing optimistical attitudes with courage to run the risks that the changes generate. Next to this a great dose of autoconfiana is necessary, flexibility, initiative and persistence so that let us can live deeply a new creative process in classroom. (ALENCAR, 1996). To prioritize the pedagogical practical reformularization of one creative one is imperative in the days contemporaries. The necessary school to leave of being seen as an obligation for the pupil.

Classroom is the ideal space for the great discoveries, to the point of the proper one educating to be surprised exactly obtains when expressing its ideas. Thus it will only pass of mere spectator of information for a creative idealizer in the educational process. Creativity and the Formation of the Professor When one is about the teaching formation, to nourish the creativity is to act with wisdom. The creative thought is not function only of the initial years of the escolaridade, therefore the institutions of superior education also play a significant role in what it says respect to the formation of the professional futures, fitting ace university to awake the creative potential that exists in each citizen in formation. (CHESTNUT, 2000). In the cultural context contemporary little space exists for the rationality technique, the critical thought is demanded significantly of each human being that he needs to write its proper history.