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Save money with the Intel Pentium processor G6950 at the beginning of the year prices are falling in the Thomas-Krenn.AG server systems. This is the Intel Pentium processor G6950. A processor for narrow investment budgets. The CPU supports virtualization technology Intel VT and is thus suitable for entry into the server virtualization. ( de/virtualisierung/virtualisierungsloesungen.html) The Intel Pentium processor G6950 is included in selected systems from the home of Thomas Krenn in its basic configuration without extra charge. Powerful entry-level servers based on the Intel Nehalem technology easily can in the server-online shop ( en / index.html) also more powerful Intel processors instead of the Intel Pentium processor G6950 are selected. The architecture of the Intel Pentium G6950 is based on Nehalem is the entry level model into the socket 1156 platform. Dual-core CPU with Clarkdale-core of the processor with the “Clarkdale” manufactured in 32 nm technology-core,.

is a dual-core CPU with 256 KB of L2 cache per core and a 3 MB shared L3 cache. An integrated dual-channel memory controller supports up to 1333 MHz DDR3 memory. About the Thomas-Krenn.AG: The Thomas-Krenn.AG is the leading online-shop ( server, server solutions and quality hosting. The portfolio ranges from rack server, Silentserver to solutions for HA-clustering, virtualization, storage and system solutions. Knurr network cabinets, TFT drawers, and a wide range of network accessories complete the offer for the customers. As the only company in this industry, the individually configured servers can be delivered within 24 hours in Europe. Contact: Thomas-Krenn.AG Marlen Eder Speltenbach stone fields 1 94078 Freyung + 49 (8551) 9150-0