True Happiness

The majority of the people wants to be happy but it does not know how to find the true happiness. Perhaps we go by the life thinking that when the new baby arrives, the husband, the new car, the new house, the change of work, the change of city, the perfect body, the great battery of money, this happiness that we have not been able to reach, then will arrive. But even when those things arrive that there are been hoping that they give much happiness us, quickly begins to vanish the satisfaction sense and we always returned to the same state of dissatisfaction of and here we are going again to persecute the following profit which we create now yes us will make happy for always. After many years to work in my inner growth and to investigate this subject of the happiness I have reached the conclusion that we are unfortunate because there are been looking for the happiness in the indicated places less. We look for the happiness within: events, people or circumstances outside us that they are of changing nature and who therefore cannot create the true sense of happiness which we looked for.

To look for the happiness in these external factors is like going to a mechanical factory to buy a salad; logically you would not find a salad there. He is equal of illogical looking for " true felicidad" in your outside. In this article I share with you some of my tips basic for ayudarte to find the true happiness. Tip #1 Date counts from where the chronic infelicidad comes and mantente alert. The majority of people is addict to thoughts and negative feelings, the thoughts of anger, preoccupation, impotence and sadness that you have had per years turn into chronic habits that have a chemical equivalent and ruin your emotional life.