Visual Design

The boundary between the disciplines of art and design is currently a topic of debate. Click New York Life for additional related pages. The fuzzy line that separates both disciplines has caused more than one discussion, and the truth that try to draw this frontier is really a headache. The differences between art and design may seem subtle, but are there. Perhaps the fundamental difference between art and design in which we all agree is on the purpose of each. We define art as the expression of an inner feeling, personal interpretation of the world that surrounds the artist or their own thoughts and it has no other intention than the expression itself. Design, on the other hand, responds to a particular purpose: solving a problem of communication, transmission of a message with communicative goals. It may seem a purely conceptual problem, and perhaps so, but reality is that the issue raises great interest and open debates that influence decisively the way of understanding both design and art.

A fundamental issue that would allow us to address and facilitate this topic would be the power analyze and understand their relationships and differences, and not focus on the concept of art and design. To do so without a doubt, we think that Internet is contributing, in a unique way through web sites that are not limited to sell as it is the case of Design draws on art, picks up the experience of this and uses its elements to achieve their purposes. And it is that both forms share characteristics but forking in the intention and the origins. While art is something typical of the man, who has accompanied him since its inception and has served historically as a means of expression, design was born out of the hand of the Gutenberg printing press. The conversion of a work of art in the middle to create a message that addresses a problem of communication, as well as its dissemination becomes design. Design is to make art, because art and design are human values. Certainly, not every designer is an artist, but there are many examples of good artists designers. The connection between art and design was widely settled in the latter part of the last century and it isn’t a conflict overlay both concepts, if we identify the reasons and cases that are unified and distance. It can be concluded that both artists and designers create Visual compositions using a base of shared knowledge, but their reasons for doing so may be completely different.