Captain Jonathan Archer

“” Appears on 5 September the 2nd season of “Star Trek: Enterprise” in razor-sharp Bildqualita? t on Blu-ray Hamburg, 13.08.2013 – after the successful release of Star Trek: the next generation “as well as the first season of Star Trek: Enterprise” on Blu-ray, Captain Jonathan Archer restarts with his crew in the far reaches of the universe. “Him to assist, inter alia, his dog of Porthos, the volcanic Sergeant T’Pol, the medical officer Dr. phlox, as well as his chief engineer and familiar trip” Tucker. Together they explore galaxies, encounter dangerous alien and contact with alien life forms. The Blu-ray disc box with 6 discs, coming home media distribution on September 5th at paramount, allows fans to experience the unforgettable moments of the crew and the highlights of behind the scenes in crisp to marvel at sharp image quality. Paramount Pictures graced the Star Trek fans with brand-new bonus material and special features. In addition to episodes promos to each episode, the Blu-ray discs offer countless audio and Text comments, and interviews of key people of the Star Trek saga. Trekkies can also”about distant scenes, logbook entries in the archive and funny outtakes are happy.

The history while the crew the Suliban, a military group of human-like life forms, is delivered, Captain Archer finds himself after a journey through time in a totally changed world of the future. Meanwhile, phlox seeks information about the PA’nar-syndrome to get on the T’Pol is ill and that fatal when untreated. As infected in the volcanic society are outlawed, the doctors of their disease must learn nothing. But the disaster happens: the Vulcans come behind the mystery. In the finale of the second season is the Earth is attacked by the intelligent species of Xindi with a weapon of mass destruction, prompting millions of people die, including the sister of trip. Archer learns that the Xindi attack on Earth, to destroyed not by the people in the future to be. Then he tries with them in dialog to enter.