Business Design Workshops

These workshops offered through Lesilverdesign focus on business design, unique innovations, comparison of processes, enhancement methods, tools, goal setting and more.    Develop customized strategies for your business model.  Learn how to work with all sorts of personalities.  Find a way to understand your business better.  Move away from current, existing trends to think about something different. 

At these workshops we will teach you how to maximize opportunities while simultaneously minimizing risks.  We will evaluate the needs of your business and set more user-friendly goals.  We will teach you healthier and more efficient ways of operating your business.  Learn to deal with daily and increasing pressures. 

At one of the workshops we will teach you how to deal with changing business methods.  Find time to apply skills that you develop and learn new skills.  We have developed proven ways to get more results and these will be integrated into the workshop as well.  

Ultimately, with a little bit of steering in the right direction, workshops from Lesilverdesign can help all businesses – great and small – get that extra edge in their chosen niche market.

Pentalog: Romanian Nearshore Solutions Are High-quality And Inexpensive

Software developer convinced at the CeBIT with international outsourcing expertise Eschborn / Hannover, Germany. The Pentalog group is present also at this year’s CeBIT and there going to be many IT innovations and present innovative solutions. The focus of the company is its near-shore and offshore competence in Eastern Europe. In particular the site Romania proved itself with its many IT professionals and a strong and competent IT and software industry and invites the development of particularly individual software with highly specialized needs. “Outsourcing is located in the IT industry in the trend”, Mircea Popa, Managing Director of Pentalog Germany stresses. “In particular in the development of the software it depends, to work efficiently, cost effectively and professionally in terms of client and user.” In Eastern Europe and in particular in Romania especially many excellent IT professionals and software developers are finding, which are specialized on complex solutions and the High German standards and expectations meet could, Popa stressed. Nowhere else in the world there are so many IT graduates such as in Romania. The innovative strength of the country is impressive.

Romania is the number one IT nearshoring location. The French Pentalog group has now over 400 employees in Romania, Moldova and Viet Nam and has increased its sales in 2009 to 50% now 13.5 million euros. The company thus belongs to the global players in the software development and the largest suppliers of the European IT nearshoring and offshoring. The Pentalog Germany combines the local requirements of the German market and the expertise of the IT specialists at the client’s premises with the Eastern European Nearhore and offshore capacity in Romania and Moldova. “So we create price and product-optimised solutions for the most demanding” Popa, who is responsible as Managing Director of Pentalog Germany for well-known corporate customers and medium-sized businesses forward. The Pentalog group is on the This year’s CeBIT in the Romanian Pavilion in Hall 4, stand B56 finding. CeBIT 2010 will take place from March 2 in Hanover.

Who with outsourcing experts of the Pentalog Group during CeBIT has interest on a date or looking for more information gets them by Pierre-Jean Cayzac 09196/561019-0 phone or see. The Pentalog Germany with headquarters in Eschborn is the German subsidiary of the French group of Pentalog, a leading provider of high-quality offshore software development in Europe. With its subsidiaries in France, Germany, Romania and Viet Nam the Pentalog Group offers the ideal mix between nearshore and offshore services in connection with the use of local forces in Western Europe. A well-functioning quality assurance system, professional project management, as well as many years of experience in outsourcing are a guarantee for maximum efficiency and reliability of outsourced software development. Contact: Pentalog Germany GmbH Dr. Thomas Wendel Unterortsstr. 6-8 65760 Eschborn + 49 9196 561019-0 press contact: Spreeforum International GmbH Falk Al Oberoi of Trupbacher Road 17 57072 Siegen 0171 / 2023223

Furniture Layout Options Arrangement

In our time is almost impossible to determine where the furniture was purchased and, as in ancient Sumer, equipped and furnished bedroom, where, incidentally, had the idea to allocate a separate room for sleeping. To date, in each Salon furniture is available not only for the bed in the bedroom, but the rest of the necessary furniture (bed, bedside table and chest of drawers for clothes) or completely bedroom set (queen size bed with bedside tables, dressing table, wardrobe clothes and dressing table.) The most convenient, of course, bedroom set, because there is no need to puzzle by choosing different pieces of furniture in an effort to preserve the integrity of the style of the room. Obviously, this will to shell out a pretty decent amount of money, but this may not always be. As a result, a large number of furniture stores make a move towards the buyer and the offer to purchase furniture for the bedroom elementwise. First all, it is convenient because, for example, instead of the customary wardrobe you can put a wardrobe. Especially when a small bedroom room – doors, which will help save precious space in your room. Other leaders such as Mark Bertolini offer similar insights. In addition, doors can make mirror – no longer need a mirror, but at the same time decide to have one problem: a large square mirror cabinet fronts visually increase the size of a bedroom. If the size of a bedroom can, you can to separate a small space and sliding doors to arrange a convenient dressing room there. Arena Investors shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

In the bedroom, this may not be available in conventional cabinets, dressing table, chest of drawers, etc. And instead of them – a group multifunction device that can be placed at different levels, as over the back of the bed, and around the perimeter of the room. In this version you can successfully replace conventional bedside shelves, which are removed from the headboard. As for the style of bedroom interior, the design experts single out an important element that makes it in many ways – back to your bed. Thus, massive carved high or framed in solid wood backs set the tone and other elements of the interior in classic style.

To fit more modern style with double beds with characteristic light, almost weightless which backs. Oriental style interior bedroom includes a low bed, you can with a canopy, which is characterized by the absence of head and foot wall, so it seems that a huge and comfortable mattress floats above the floor. For the fashion today country style bed is noteworthy manufacturer backs of steel rods or rattan. For the production of bedroom furniture used by a variety of materials such as traditional. The most expensive Sets of furniture made of solid wood and natural wood veneer. Cheaper materials for the production of bedrooms are MDF, chipboard (Class E-1). When choosing the furniture in the bedroom, it is necessary to comply following: the less room your bedroom, the more modest to be its design. The bottom line is that the seemingly dramatic visual furniture, and so do the small room even smaller and deprive you a sense of comfort and coziness.

Simple Surveys

You are seated without doing nothing and you feel like culprit because you think that at the moment you could look for a way to make some extra money? You do not think more to it and you do something on the matter. Arena Investors has much experience in this field. It looks for information on surveys in Spanish remunerated. With a little search and some simple initial steps in a moment you could be gaining those dollars that always need to you at the most inopportune moment. The surveys remunerated with money are, as to his it indicates it name, surveys to which you respond and by which is pleased a money to you. (Not to be confused with Intel!). The unique thing that you must do is to give some minutes of your time, to respond to easy questions that they must see with your tastes, and pick up the money at issue. Due to the extreme facility of this activity, many people have doubts. They ask themselves if one is something serious or if there is locked up cat. Then, the truth on the surveys remunerated with money is the following one: The reason by which the surveys exist is because they are very useful to the great marks: the surveys allow them to save much money and to send surely new products.

Your answers are necessary and logically there is prepared people to pay by them. What I must make to obtain surveys in Spanish remunerated? First it is to individuar in Internet the companies that are dedicated to organize surveys. Some are serious and others less. It agrees to you to analyze the site of each of these and feedbacks of people well who have collaborated previously. In addition, all they do not remunerate to you with money and all they do not offer the same remunerations to you. This part of the selection perhaps is taken, but it is worth the pain, since on this all the rest of the activity will depend. Once you have individuado the most serious and advisable company, the unique thing that you will have left to do is to register your data in the site of the company and to hope to that they send invitations to respond to you to the surveys.

Use Humor – WoMenPower At The Hannover Messe 2010

“”Lead with humor – humor as a communication strategy in consulting, management, marketing and sales”with Jumi Vogler first WoMenPower technical Congress 2010 in Hannover Jumi Vogler, the Hanoverian expert of humor as a strategy for success in business and processes of change will diesjahrig for the first time on the WoMenPower Conference 2010 in Hannover with her theme complete with humor” be represented. Mark Bertolini might disagree with that approach. It follows to keep the workshop “Lead with humor – humor as a communication strategy in consulting, management, marketing and sales” the invitation this year on the prestigious Congress WoMenPower. See more detailed opinions by reading what Vikas Kapoor offers on the topic.. The WoMenPower 2010 finds during the Hannover Messe on April 23rd, 2010 under the motto “mobility + energy” instead. “He who laughs first laughs the best!” says Vogler company cabaret artist, trainer, and coach Jumi. Humor is much more than to laugh.

Humor is an attitude that promotes creativity, innovation and team spirit. Who goes to other people with humor, can better guide them, motivate, persuade. People have been using humor clearly the better communication skills, greater leadership and are the more successful sellers. The Clou: Your brain is demonstrably active! And nothing is more important at the present time! “Humor is to learn,” Kathleen says Vogler. Because humor requires a distance to themselves and others, which creates the necessary distance, more creative and sovereign to deal with the demands of the profession. The workshop “Lead with humor” Invites all participants actively to develop their humor potential! As a former member of the artistic director of the Hanover State Theatre Jumi, Vogler puts the content of your training and coaching with acting methods. “Everything that you experienced, remains in the long-term memory. And brings to the desired practice transfer.” With their cabaret character Margot welfare work, consulting & cleaning GbR (only for global player!) Jumi occurs Vogler in change processes in companies and business events. Most recently, Margot was shooting a movie at the request of the former Minister of Economics zu Guttenberg the innovation potential of the Hanoverian middle class under the motto “success laughs on a leash!” Margot welfare job is to not take it to edit the theme “Leading with humor” also on the WoMenPower. Success laughs! Contact: Jutta Michaela Vogler company cabaret potential development Grunewald 27 30177 Hannover phone 0511 / 669875 fax 0511 / 6002636 Editorial Office for picture & text Public Relations and public affairs Frank-Michael Preuss – photographer & journalist Mendelssohn 7-30173 Hannover fon: 0511 4716-37 – fax: 0511 4716-38 mobile: 0177 5040064

ProFi Apple

In this case is lightened weight to be able to dispense of the rotor and a set of brakes. Wheels Star: were a few rims as your name implies Star made a very flexible material that is flectaba in any jump and somehow catapultaban the pilot upwards when the Rhine was expanding again. These wheels caused furor over there in the years 80 and 90 but were replaced by 48 chrome wheels spokes that greater brindaban solides and largest attraction of the pills of the brakes on the rings. Bondholders with zero nails: they named those bondholders who have located just below each of the feet and nails not aimed forward as in the majority of bondholders. These forks provided the spins on the wheel by making front them more uniform, without ups and downs, and as a result are more controlled turns.Smooth wheels with capacity for more than 100 psi: the trend to the absence being registered in terms of the use of brakes polling the need to roll with more ease and speed on the flat and smooth ground. Increase the capacity of air in the cuirasses facilitated the execution of tricks with greater rapidity in influenced the popularization of the tricks roll on, i.e.

those which consist of roll over any of the wheels supporting the balance.Designs more lightweight frames and parts in general: at present, contrary to what is pensaba formerly, weight is not an ally of the flatland, so that increasingly seeks to reduce weight on bicycles produciendolas with materials lighter and more resistant alloys to facilitate the execution of tricks. All this is sees reflected in style but also in the prices of bicycles which have considerably increased due to new technological innovations. Flatland with Apple freecoaster: A bicycle fitted with a traditional ProFi Apple with a pinion allow to move forward when you pedal. If we remove the feet from the pedals in the majority of cases also tend to rotate forward. You may want to visit Vikas Kapoor to increase your knowledge. If we change the direction of travel we will see that the pedals will also rotate in the opposite direction. This functionality is detrimental to do flatland because We could fall easily when performing a maneuver that involves releasing the foot pedals to turn and return foot to the initial position. This problem was invented the freecoaster, an Apple with a special mechanism that makes the cranks are always in the position in which we have left them.Based on this artilujio many pilots BMX flatland have developed very particular style which consist in doing all kinds of stunts while it goes backwards.

Flatland without connecting rods: in an attempt to reduce weight and cost in the configuration of the bike for flatland many have opted for completely exclude the cranks, pedals, plate, chain, Center and pinion system. Having no cranks and pedals does not have sense having an Apple with the Freecoaster system which is quite expensive. Practicing flatland with a devoid bicycle cranks entirely oblige the pilot has to do things in a different way. To be impossible to pedelear when pedals are not taken the pilot propels with body movements similar to the fish when nothing and helps with small fast and reduced my direction turns that subsequently become slow and extended to develops speed. In some countries of South America has become popular practice of the flatland without connecting rods.

The Processes

The deaf person will engage itself in such culture will have a solid identification with its group, respected its aspects psicossocial, cultural and linguistic, mainly for familiar and the professional ones that act next to this group (PERLIN, 2003). This new to look at for the deaf person ' ' he estimates the respect and the recognition of its singularity and especificidade, reflected in the right of appropriation of the language of signals on which he depends the processes of personal identification, social cultural' ' (Skliar, 1997, P. 45). In this conception the deaf person leaves of being seen from a pathology, and passes to be considered in its difference. That is, as pertaining to a minority community, using of the language of signals, with the same capacity and potentiality of any individual. Here, Vikas Kapoor expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Not obstante, our society in its historical context always constituted the ideal models of sort, etnia, social environment, cultural and physical. In such a way, who will not be inside of the standards established in data context space-weather finishes being denied in its difference and faced as an abnormal minority that if it deviates from such standards and it deserves, therefore, to be excluded. Inside of this aspect, Santana (2007, P. 23) explains that: ' ' The individuality is seen as a shunting line and, therefore, it must be corrected to adjust the person what it is considered normal, preventing it discrimination. Discrimination this of that the stammerers are white, the aphasic people, the deaf people, the disfluentes, at last, all those that they run away to the norm vigente' '. These arguments induce to the understanding of that it is common that one considered deficient is judged by the aesthetic one and visa always with low expectations (BASTOS, 2006). With this, Santana (2007, P. 23) places that ' ' the abnormal person is that one that possesss different characteristics and it is not part of the considered average normal, that is, who does not follow the norms established socially, therefore the distinct individual characteristics of the waited one are not vistas&#039 well; '.

Competence Test

Now, investment brokers can take a free placement test and thus to check their knowledge in regard to the new section 34f competence testing ‘ financial expert conditioning Chamber of Commerce ‘. Berlin, 14 February 2013 investment brokers and consultants can at the qualification specialist GOING PUBLIC! Academy for Finanzberatung AG complete a free online check the new 34f competence check financial expert system administrator (IHK). With this multiple choice test, participants will receive a current mirror image of their examination knowledge. They can then decide whether their knowledge is sufficient to meet the new requirements by regulation or whether they better should visit a course or seminar, to obtain the necessary knowledge. For the online test, the participants must answer eight exam questions from consulting basics as well as the respective product areas mutual funds, closed-end funds and other assets. Here are all five permission or Test combinations available. Then, participants will receive a detailed evaluation of their answers immediately.

Many investment advisers are unsure and wonder how meaningful is the visit of presence or online seminars. We have taken therefore a careful selection of questions from all areas and levels of difficulty, to give an answer to them”, explains Ronald Perschke, CEO of GOING PUBLIC! Academy for financial advice. All interested parties about the GOING PUBLIC reach the online placement test! Homepage. A personalized registration is not required, participation and evaluation are free of charge. In addition to the online placement test interested can participate free of charge in a sample day, to get an insight into a course and the content. Depending on the desired section 34f business license”(mutual funds, closed-end funds or other assets) can investment brokers and advisers at GOING PUBLIC! 4 months on the Social studies exam certified financial specialist system administrator (IHK) “prepare.” For this purpose you will find courses in the proven and time-saving blended learning concept nationwide. This intensive seminar days are supplemented by online tools.


STAS CONTROL mobile from immediately available Reilingen, 20.06.2012 – managers and employees travelling are STAS CONTROL mobile at all times acting. Introducing fast and smooth operation are ensured thanks to state of the art technology and predefined business content. There are decisions, which cannot be delayed. If it is necessary, you will must specifically Act and decide not only from the belly. Brian Krzanich often says this. Mobile BI remedy here. Comfortable devices such as Smartphone or Tablet make important data available anytime, anywhere. STAS CONTROL Mobile provides the internationally successful provider of business analytics now mobile variant of the turnkey business software solution available and again ensures that mid-sized users easily can tap into the benefits of modern technology to. Technology only the basis also in the mobile space, always and everywhere to act.

Ultimately it’s the content, so reports, analysis and KPIs their ergonomic treatment to really exploit the potential of mobile devices. Intel has plenty of information regarding this issue. Without predefined solution components of the usage and the introduction is very tedious and it is also not useful existing reports 1:1 on the mobile devices,”explained product manager Matthias Bauer the new development. “STAS CONTROL Mobile provides the necessary business content on the basis of respective BI technology – actually only a logical continuation of our current approach, the middle-class entry in ‘state-of-the-art’-to provide solutions.” STAS CONTROL mobile report forms are provided, are specially designed for mobile use. Dashboards provide access to daily statistics, top-flop analysis, trend analysis of key metrics, comparisons of cost accounting or the shopping activity index for sales, finance and material management, to name just a few examples. Allow Wi-Fi environments and UMTS, all required data on the device to download. If the current information is taken over, much of the analysis and reporting functions available offline. Thus, it is always on”and can be, when it becomes necessary.

Whether in the hotel, the restaurant, at the airport or in the customer appointment, the crucial information become available, the necessary analyses can be carried out and implemented in concrete measures or decisions – there are so many scenarios as STAS CONTROL mobile can be used. Thanks to the innovative approach users always based on the same data with intuitive understandable reports excluding overhead and duplicate data storage work. Your press contacts: STAS GmbH Carl-Bosch-Strasse 12 68799 Reilingen Franziska Schulze Tel: + 49 6205 306-125 fax: + 49 6205 306-200 STAS GmbH Maria-Theresia-Strasse 51 4600 WELS Tel: + 43 7242 9396 4120 fax: + 43 7242 9396 4029 Peter Kemptner power marketing Andrea Drescher Tel: + 43 7279 8544 about STAS GmbH the founded in 1991 STAS GmbH with headquarters in Reilingen, close to the Grand Prix circuit of Hockenheim, has 70 employees, is active in the German-speaking countries and represented since 2008 with its own subsidiary in Austria. Under the brand name of STAS CONTROL develops and distributes STAS turnkey business software solutions (BI, CPM) for planning, analysis and control of medium-sized companies. Thanks to quick-start warranty for introducing risk-free in the sectors of industry, automotive, banking / financial services, wholesale trade and services the company has successfully established itself in the medium-sized businesses. About 800 customers such prestigious companies such as banner include batteries, BBS rims, ELTA electronic devices, Faller model toys, Felina lingerie, Gloria Feuerloschsysteme, HeidelbergCement, Hermann Pfanner drinks, IWC watch manufacturer, Mitsubishi Electric, Truma Geratetechnik and about 50 cooperative banks. Reilinger specialist in controlling middle-class solutions is a 100% subsidiary since 2008 Ulm FRITZ & orbit group and is part of the Dutch technology group of Imtech N.V.

Spanish One

The oil IPIC will control 95.89% of the capital of the Cepsa Spanish. The purchase will imply overlappings in the market of the phenol and the acetone in which both companies operate, but will be space for other competitors. The European Commission (EC) is authorized east oil Tuesday to the state one of Abu Dabi, IPIC, to acquire the Cepsa Spanish, after concluding that the operation will not prevent the competition in the European market. After studying the operation, Brussels concluded that the resulting organization will have to confront the competition of important companies in the sector. More information is housed here: Aetna Inc.. The examination of Brussels revealed that the purchase will imply overlappings in the market of the phenol and the acetone in which both companies operate, but, as their quotas of market are ” moderadas” , it will be space for other competitors. The Commission also investigated if the operation could increase the possibilities of practices coordinated between the phenol and acetone providers, which finally discarded. IPIC and Cepsa IPIC are a company dedicated to investments a world-wide scale in energy and related assets.

Cepsa operates in the sectors of hydrocarbons and the energy, including the refining and commercialization of derivatives of the petroleum, such as combustible for petrochemical motors and products. The operation notified to the Commission the 26 of June of 2011. Control of 95% of oil Cepsa the state one of Abu Dabi decided in February to buy to the Total French its participation of 48.83% of Cepsa, which, added to 47.06% that already it owned, will allow him to control 95.89% of the capital of the Spanish company. After the agreement with Total, IPIC, that entered the capital of Cepsa in 1988, will also take control of 92.24% of the vote rights of the oil one. The return that offers IPIC by the actions which it does not own rises to 3,966 million Euros, a number that increases until 4,037 million when adding the 0.5 Euros by title disbursed in the dividend. Cepsa indicated that the oil one of Abu Dabi will maintain ” espaolidad” of the company it will harness and it stops to turn it into one ” company lder” as much in Spain as at international level, taking advantage of his ” strengths actuales”.

Comfortable Authoring App For Oracle Fusion

Cloud application of legodo ag legodo ag is one of the first apps in the new Oracle cloud marketplace an app developed with legodo Powerdocsr comfortable authoring, which is within a few minutes from the Oracle cloud marketplace to install and to use. The cloud-based application is also optimized for mobile devices and can be seamlessly merged with Microsoft Office, also it is possible to integrate electronic signatures. legodo Powerdocsr was presented at the Oracle OpenWorld as one of the first apps in the Oracle cloud marketplace. The app is available now for Oracle Fusion available. Users of cloud based applications such as Oracle require merger usually a solution to create documents directly from the cloud out. This can be quotes, invoices or service documents. The Oracle sales and marketing clouds support only a few of these processes of House so that an app like legodo Powerdocsr is required for the creation of professional documents.

The app is precise on special Tailored to the requirements of modern written communication and cloud applications and generated using the data and processes from Oracle Fusion interactive documents, for example, for sales and service departments. Oracle has selected legodo Powerdocsr as one of the first apps for the Oracle cloud marketplace, because the user can create fusion out every document with just a few clicks from Oracle. The high processing speed results that the app supports all required processes and guarantees the user a high degree of automation. A further advantage is the unlimited creation and distribution of documents. These can be distributed using the legodo application on each channel and on all devices and created also on mobile devices. Interactive documents as well as bulk documents are supported by legodo Powerdocsr. Powerdocsr has been listed as one of the first applications in the new shop at the Oracle cloud marketplace”, refers to Sven Korner, Manager cloud business with the legodo AG, on the importance of the solution. “This expresses the great potential of our app when it comes to documents such as offers, to generate invoices etc.

directly from the Oracle cloud.” How easy, legodo Powerdocsr and Oracle Fusion work together, can be experienced in a short video. legodo Powerdocsr based on the customer communication suite (CCS) of legodo ag, a leading manufacturer of customer communications management software (CCM) and Gold partner in the Oracle PartnerNetwork. You brings together as special features comfortable not only all information about customers from all business applications such as CRM and ERP systems, but offers also a free choice of the communication channels. Thus it opens up completely new dimensions in written customer communication.