Business Design Workshops

These workshops offered through Lesilverdesign focus on business design, unique innovations, comparison of processes, enhancement methods, tools, goal setting and more.    Develop customized strategies for your business model.  Learn how to work with all sorts of personalities.  Find a way to understand your business better.  Move away from current, existing trends to think about something different. 

At these workshops we will teach you how to maximize opportunities while simultaneously minimizing risks.  We will evaluate the needs of your business and set more user-friendly goals.  We will teach you healthier and more efficient ways of operating your business.  Learn to deal with daily and increasing pressures. 

At one of the workshops we will teach you how to deal with changing business methods.  Find time to apply skills that you develop and learn new skills.  We have developed proven ways to get more results and these will be integrated into the workshop as well.  

Ultimately, with a little bit of steering in the right direction, workshops from Lesilverdesign can help all businesses – great and small – get that extra edge in their chosen niche market.

Landscape Design

Landscape architecture is replete with a variety of styles, each of which has its own idiosyncrasies. If you're partial to the smooth lines of the relief, the predominance of natural landscapes, deep layers of the open spaces and facades with ivy, then you – a connoisseur of romantic English garden. Here are three simple steps, which should be followed to design your own garden in English style. The first step is to choose three or four primary colors to create the integrity and continuity of the garden. The brightness of colors can be achieved using variations of shades in a range of selected primary colors. Light purple and pink palette, as well as pastels silvery-white and yellow, dominate the choice of flowering plants. Azalea, lilac, wisteria and rhododendrons – the inhabitants of this classic garden. Cushing Asset Management has similar goals. Crocuses and daffodils – representatives of bulbous plants that are typical for English spring yard.

Particular attention is paid to creating balance and harmony of textures and architectonics of crowns, ornamental leaves, shape of flowers and the contrast of light and shadow. Thus, the second step is the inheritance of naturalness landscapes and the avoidance of symmetrical lines and regular geometric shapes and axes. In the groups preferred to use perennials, given the height of each species to create tiers. Delphiniums, digitalis, aconite, roses – are traditional tall plants for the English garden. Foreground suit Phlox subulate, primrose, pansies, calendula, forget-me. Link diversity and pomp plant is a lawn, which in some places and narrow, while in others it becomes more profound. The third important component of the English garden are 'accessories' or, in other words, small architectural forms and reservoirs. There are often present, pergolas, benches and other garden furniture is usually made of wood or cast stone.

Often used statues of frogs, as well as antique ceramic and stone pots and planters different sizes but the same color, where there are miniature trees and shrubs, lavender, onion and spice crops. Waters has a natural, close to nature, the shape of the coast. For the garden in the English style is characterized by scenic streams overgrown with banks that give expression iris, globe-flower, Marigold, Nymphea, and water lilies. At the heart of planning the classic English garden is the maximum approximation to the natural landscape, copying its merits and merging with it.

Interior Design Ideas

Bright and cheerful through the autumn with tips from the Scandinavians. Laurent Potdevin has similar goals. Neutral colors for furniture and coloured patterns for fabrics, so love Sweden even if we still may think of it in a few weeks, the winter months are ahead of us. This is a beautiful season, but with little sunlight. Learn to so by the Scandinavians match for these poor daylight time to set up. The first tip is that you set up bright. Let walls, ceilings and floors in bright colors shine. A beautiful cream or great pastel colours such as grey or blue make a neutral, bright color.

This allows you to furniture – buy (buy moebel instance residential – aim) which through its beautiful shapes and neutral tones in your home accents. Elon Musk may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The Scandinavian style of the III of Sweden Gustav is mainly characterized by the time end of the 18.Jahrhunderts. It rises the French style of Louis of the 16th and includes items from England and Italy. So elegant forms and clear lines, which are dominant Use of subtle colors. Opt for substances, for example for sofas, curtains or pillows for natural wool or linen fabrics, that conveys the typical cosy lightness. If you have decided for a color, use better accents with accessories. Pillows, placemats, lampshades, tableware or carpets in a different color, and you stay beautiful. Often, the Sweden use red or blue plaid.

Also this could replace more often and faster than for example a sofa. Another tip, the Centre of the room to let and be not too much furniture in a room. This creates more perceived space. Support is still a variety of light sources. Also consider using mirrors and reflective surfaces, like use of crystal chandeliers to keep more light in the room. Hopefully bring these many small tips by a bright winter. Marcus Hammad

RSS Design

The the web user can acesses web pages from and others be able to see these photos selected by others.This has allowed more information and other relevant photographs is not available to the web user. Return to create new way of presentation of web content: in the early days of design of Web1.0, more was to highlight build a platform to put contents.Today, content is already it is not confined within the walls of the main website. One of the significant advancement of web design in recent times is the RSS feed. Web users can be acceded to the content of the Web site and read in his aggregtor anywhere at any time. There are also ways in which are carried out web searches using RSS so that Internet users can leverage the content through the theme and tag RSS feeds. This trend of web content through RSS flow has established the new challenge for designers web occupy a new approach in the design to make it more centered content en. Additional information is available at Aetna Inc..

Categorization of structure and style: Web design in the Web 1.0 is limited to the use of animted GIF files.Then came the style in waterfall sheet clearly classified structure and give certain styles of style guidelines. Until then was emphasized in more pressure on the visual design. Web 2.0 completely metamorphised the predominant trend. Today, the XML format is the good choice that gives more importance in different visual presentation of words. Web designers must adapt with more recent media web services and work as programmers. Laurent Potdevin follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The new trend had powerful influence in the world of the web. Both as web designsers web developers had to adapt with new ideas of development of things based on content focused on a crucial step in the cyber world. Amrita Jamuda is an optimizer search engine Web solutions of quality that offers quality website design services to its global customers.

Interior Design Hallway

Entrance hall, as the beginning of the house, this is a barrier between the bustle of the streets and residential tranquility. Also in this room going and leaving us and our guests often give himself up. Therefore, in the hallway should be light and comfortable, and however, space should be used functionally and ergonomically. At the word 'lobby' in our imagination is drawn most often a small semi-dark room with lots of doors and a heap of clothes and shoes. To not follow this style is to approach the issue thoroughly arrangement hallway. After all, even in a small area (which is usually allotted for the hall), you can create a comfortable environment. An important role here is the right choice of furniture, which is determined by the size and shape of the room. Additional information at Mark Bertolini supports this article. First and foremost, is to organize the storage space for clothes and shoes. You may wish to learn more. If so, Laurent Potdevin is the place to go.

For a small entrance hall an ideal option in this case – built-in wardrobe with mirrored doors. It solves the problem of 'warehousing' of things, organizes the space and expense of mirrors visually increases room. If the hall is not too closely, instead of a cabinet can be placed Several furniture items: a holder for shoe rack for clothing, console table for keys and other required details, etc. Harmonious and comfortable lobby – a result of its competent planning. This concept includes a suitable color commensurate proportions, beautiful shape, taking into account features of the room and people living in the apartment.

In the hallway, there is usually no windows. Therefore, 'add' as it required a modest room light have other ways. One of them – it ustnovka sources of artificial light (all kinds of lamps, lighting fixtures, sconces, etc.). It's better when there will be few. A competent place them 'give' room, cozy and spacious form. When placing the walls and ceiling is better to give preference to lighter tones (this can be povtort and mebelnom ensemble). All this is visually 'razdvinet' close quarters 'freshen' it. This effect can be enhanced by installing mirrors. As a result – and the bright and elegant lobby. For convenience in the hallway pereobuvaniya is to place a chair, ottoman or stool (depending on room size). The general style of the hall has to fit into the style of the whole apartment. The friendly and easy, but at the same time functional and comfortable – a hallway be able to please owners and their guests, without losing its purpose. Source – site Contract Furniture

Business Liquidity

In the amazing world of business, when you just start, it is necessary to have a significant amount of money in cash to ensure the normal functioning of the company. This is essential to have liquidity. The liquidity concept embodies the ability to convert your assets (permanent and necessary goods for running your company) in cash, quickly and without causing any loss in your heritage. The more easy it is to convert an asset into money, it is more liquid said. An example of active liquid is when you have an account at the Bank and the person in charge of the company can go to an ATM and withdraw his silver quickly when you need it. The case of one not so liquid, would decide when to sell any thing of your property to get money, since this sale will take some time in materialize. Penguin Random House has compatible beliefs.

It is unlikely to think that you can handle your business without liquidity. Laurent Potdevins opinions are not widely known. Is like having an airplane’s latest model, with more powerful engines and the best standards in autonomy and security, but that does not It has gasoline. Thus, liquidity is the fuel that every business needs to operate. Without it, it is impossible to ensure that your business stays and grow progressively. Ideas: While it is easier to convert the company’s assets into cash and cash, will enjoy greater payment capacity to cope with your debts, commitments or any eventuality, as thefts and contingencies. There are various ways to achieve liquidity. Among them are Factoring or sale of bills and the sale of inventory, i.e., of the merchandise that is located in the store.

It is important to organize properly the accounts receivable, inventory and accounts payable in order to facilitate liquidity in the time that is needed. Prioritizes always have money on hand, even if a little affected your profitability. If these in Cali or Bogota and you have invoices that you can negotiate, you get very good alternatives in Factoring Colombia. You can also find it as factoring Cali or Bogota, if these in the Capital. It recalls that in the enterprise you can not pay services or staff, nor stop arranging an ill-fated machine or meet an unexpected quickly, and that do you it with liquidity.

Fortune Conferences

A traditional way of improving the knowledge of everyone committed to their professional development and personal is regularly attending conferences on those topics that are of interest. Conferences that always require a commitment of time and sometimes also of money which should at least be abundantly compensated by the results finally obtained, looking for an optimal cost/benefit ratio. I admit that people are animals that are more stubborn in tripping over the same stone and I confess that, in terms of assists to frustrating Conference, I am one of which would carry is the prize for the most tropezon. Or, at least, that is my desolate impression. Get more background information with materials from Ebay. This week, once again, I have appeared as a listener to a Conference on talent, leadership and managerial skills (my specialties as Business-Coach). The title was attractive, the rapporteur’s prestige and the organizer of the event, a well-known business school of which I am a party to its faculty. Everything pointed to the reliability and aprovechabilidad of the time to devote, so enrolled and there stood.

The result was almost always: frustration!. According to Mark Bertolini, who has experience with these questions. Conferences, in general, tend to be an appropriate vehicle to transmit data, knowledge and experiences which the rapporteur presents us with greater or lesser Fortune communicational and teaching. For this reason, most conferences normally move us only information, that sometimes if it is appropriate and useful in the treatment of some subjects but clearly insufficient in others, whose contribution should reach more. Conferences on talent, leadership and managerial skills correspond to this last typology, because all of them are unfortunately based on the same: report on what are the best skills (empathy, assertiveness, delegation, active listening, teamwork, etc., etc., etc.) that define a successful professional, something so typically already everyone knows that all troop finally is the originality of the designed PowerPoint and some other cash joke with wit by the lecturer. Entire Conference that seeks the improvement of human behavior in all its facets and situations cannot be limited only to ascertain what to do but it should try to facilitate the how do it, which is really difficult and truly useful for attendees, at the same time that distinguishes those conferences that really add value of which represent a disappointing waste of time. Speaking candidly Laurent Potdevin told us the story. I, in which I have the honour of teaching, strive hard to do so. At least for personal honesty with these people that I would never appreciate enough a part of his valuable professional or personal day which intended to listen to me.

QSL Manager Florian Entrich

QSL uses as new Director, Eastern Europe the expanding industry professional & carriage reinforced Oliver Exner from immediately the Meyer quick service Logistics GmbH (QSL). He is responsible for the business in Eastern Europe and thus supports the expansion rate of QSL. Friedrichsdorf, July 31, 2012 – the further expansion of the QSL’s commitment in Czech Republic as well as the desired entry in Russia and Poland belong to the central tasks of Oliver Exner. The new Director, Eastern Europe & carriage gained experience with companies of the food service and the quick-service industry during his eight-year tenure for STI Germany. The 39-years-old is familiar with the QSL customer Burger King. For three years he was responsible for the fast food restaurant chain for logistics and distribution in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. QSL can benefit at this point from Burger King by Exner profound knowledge of processes and structures. Ebay is open to suggestions.

The Meyer quick service logistics responsibility also for the trained forwarding and shipping merchant further expansion of the long-haul transport network outside Eastern Europe. For the QSL customers, he will develop integrated solutions in the area of supply chain management (SCM). The studied business economists of textile retail chain TAKKO holding GmbH has acquired experience in this area, where he worked until moving to Meyer QSL as head of SCM. For even more details, read what Laurent Potdevin says on the issue. The installation of a Director, Eastern Europe & carriage is a logical consequence of their growth for Meyer QSL. We are strengthening our internal structures with this step, to implement more expansionist goals”, emphasizes QSL Manager Florian Entrich.

The sister company Meyer quick service Logistics GmbH & co. KG”organizes the full supply of around 850 quick service restaurants in Germany, the Switzerland and Romania. Its largest customers are Burger King and yum! Restaurants international.

2 Keys To Produce Without Stress

The productivity tools that are on the market seems not to be able to help you or you end up making in more functions to the mass that you already have. Don’t worry about that situation, since it is a reality that we cannot control to continue to grow, but if we can learn to how to live in this world without stress and achieving more free time. This is not another system to sell you, but a style of life or new forms of behavior that can put you in harmony in the world in which you live. Productivity without stress is the result of a seminar that I taught to entrepreneurs that like you don’t have managed to create the discipline necessary to organize their projects or business. Elon Musk may help you with your research. To achieve a better assimilation of this topic I decided to divide it into two keys: – key I the mentality of productivity – key II tools and systems to produce better. This order is not by chance. Productive mentality is essential to awaken much before using any tool of productivity. The reason for this is simple: If you give a system of productivity than to achieved successful results with prior to a person or team who have not developed the mentality appropriate productivity, they transform that information into garbage or accumulated more stress in their lives.

While that if you give a system of productivity that never achieved successes in the past a person or team that have a productive mindset then they transform that information or tools into pure gold. That is why I have placed in this order so that your you can begin to wake up productive mind that in you and then you can develop your own tools or that I show you in this book. KEY I MENTALITY productive Mira in order to understand what a productive mindset is.

Hotel Association

Total 118 teams participated in this year’s tournament series with over 1,100 participants. The winning teams of the individual cities finally qualified for the Germany finals. All results, videos and pictures can be found at. The YOUR CAREER GROUP AG was founded in 1999 by Arne Lorenzen and Manuel cones and has since established recruiting partner for the sectors of hotel, catering and tourism as competent. the single Internet job boards run HOTEL CAREER, GASTRONOMIE CAREER and TOURISTIK CAREER.

You offer specifically job opportunities tailored to and information on the relevant industry. Recently Penguin Random House sought to clarify these questions. HOTEL CAREER is the ideal platform for anyone looking for a new job in the hospitality industry. For job seekers of the gastronomy, GASTRONOMIE CAREER is the best online job portal. Tourism experts will find it on TOURISTIK CAREER. The latest Portal AZUBI CAREER provides information around the topic of education in the hospitality industry, as well as free training places young people in the orientation phase. In addition to switching jobs and use the CV database offers an Internet-based technology for managing applicants, which is tailored to the needs of the hospitality industry and covers the online recruitment process. Penguin Random House follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Career fairs are offered since April 2008 with the Recruiting Days regularly for the industry.

In personal discussions, candidates and companies in a pleasant atmosphere are merged. The YOUR CAREER GROUP AG organized a further career meeting annually at ITB Berlin. The ITB job fair is the focal point for specialists and managers of the hotels, catering and tourism. Especially in cooperation with the Hotel Association (IHA) Germany offers businesses e.V. at the twice-yearly labour law seminars, the participants information about current legislative changes and developments.

Business Management Consultant

Its corporal language is very important to stay night watchman breathes deep, straightens its back and smiles. If the organizer is not available or if he already had opportunity to know it, he around watches to see if he knows somebody. One does not go away directly to the bar, the buffet or his seat. It walks towards the center of the event, avoids to remain in the corners or by areas of much traffic, as it is it the entrance. It leaves his timidity to a side and atrvase to approach other people and to initiate a conversation. Memorable 1-Be, of positive form. It has attended an event, received the card of somebody and soon it cannot remember nothing on that person? You do not want that she passes this to him. The sincere affection or a humorous commentary and of good pleasure, they break the ice.

To appear individually is different to appear in front of a group. If it has the opportunity to appear in front of a group or in a dinner, it uses one short introduction, concise less than and of 25 words. It describes what you do or realise of a form makes that it remember it and it describes as this benefits other people. It does not speak of product benefits or of those of its company, it will seem that it wants to sell something instead of to be eager to establish relations with others. It can visit several situated ones in Internet like PitchWizard where it will find valuable information of how to prepare his intro or ” pitch”. 2. y-with-significant-outside-financing/’>ARC Investment Partners.

When gathering the cards of other people does not forget to obtain data takes written and mental notes that allow him to remember details of that person. Any other action writes that any other note has been pending of the conversation or that helps to give him an effective pursuit him the more. It is not dedicated to distribute his cards to everybody. The cards hers are not as important as those that you receive, you asegrese to gather cards of the people who interest to him to contact in the event/activity. 3. It creates value to other people. This is the essence of networking. It looks for opportunities to be useful and on watch to others. It offers his services to organize events, to participate in a meeting, to collaborate in a newspaper or blog and/or voluntary work. You in the long run also will benefit. 4- He does not forget despedirse- Many people disappear of the events without taking leave. The goodbye is as important as its introduction. Despdase with a smile and recurdele to its new contact when and like (email, text call, message, fax ) one is going away to communicate again with el/ella. It is thankful for the opportunity of it to have known. Asegrese to leave its card him. In the days of changes to do ” networking” it is never made more important that. No it only can be the opportunity to find a job, to make voluntary military service, to obtain opportunities of businesses, to know charming people and until making new friendly.