Gerhard Wisnewski

The people expected to answer questions. The province of Carinthia but remains silent. Still the accident can be considered by Dr. Jorg Haider not completed. To do this, namely many questions are unanswered. In the meantime the responsible people in Europe represents the official position namely\”of Carinthia and of the Klagenfurt public prosecutor in question. But above all the testimony of the former person protector by Jorg Haider (in an interview with Gerhard Wisnewski) suggests according to which – on the basis of the published images – an explosive effect on the vehicle. \”We can summarize the official positions of the Klagenfurt public prosecutor once and we ask these questions from the people\”: official presentation: Dr.

Jorg Haider is at night at half twelve o’clock in the local city shopkeeper \”have been. \”Question: How can it be the Mr Haider to half past eleven in the city Chandler\” had been, though antenna will have made at this moment an interview Carinthia. Maybe the interview was Yes \”recorded and LIVE\” presents. Connect with other leaders such as Peter Arnell here. It would then explain that this interview was not recorded at half twelve, as early claims. Only: why is the interview no longer available? official representation: it was early claimed that on the road to have Haider at 142 km/h. And the speech is somewhat later in another newspaper of 183 km/h and then again from 160 km/h. Question: Where does the claim about these speed differences and why you can not set himself on an actual speed? official representation: Haider with the car upside-down on a fire hydrant happened, which arose in the hole in the roof. Question: Where is the hydrant? How is it that in its representation by a concrete pillar or an iron stake talks VW and will not set on the real subject? And if a hydrant of according to official representation has been responsible for the hole in the roof, why has been the non-flooded of the accident and why is far and wide not a hydrant available? official Presentation: Jorg Haider had overtaken a car and is then raced in the accident.