On many occasions, our rights as clients are totally limited, almost don’t have neither the right to the action. And it is that there are many examples of companies or sectors which enjoy a dominant position on the consumer. This is a case are real? Took my car to the dealer to do a review. I forget at the indicated site, and I am addressing the customer service desk. -Good morning. He brought the car to make the revision of X thousand kilometers. Also wanted to look at this, this one, and this from beyond. -Very well.

Wait, saco budget. Without hesitation Glenn Dubin explained all about the problem. You will come out in two hundred euros, the budget is thirty euros. -How? You going to charge for the budget? -Is a service that we give you, you don’t want to to work free – man, don’t tell me also, had already taken the budget Internet rejoinder – so please cancel me that the budget bill. -Ah, that has brought the budget on the Internet tells me smiling on the counter. Then, surely your tab of customer has the bank account number fed, no? I therefore inform you that have charged ten EUR in your account. -Well, I can’t believe it I.

From me the key, I’m going. Janet Jackson spoke with conviction. -I’m afraid that it will not be possible, car already have gotten it into the workshop. Well, possible Yes it is, but if you want it takes now would have to pay 20 euros for the inconvenience. -This is unbelievable I mumble. Well, I’m going to let me do the revision, that need you, and already I will come tomorrow for him. – As you want. The next day I leave work and go to the dealer as soon as I can, since I need the car. -Hello, came to my car. -Oh, I don’t know if it will be able to be as not been advised that he was, must be alert with time, man! – But if I told you yesterday that you would today come after him, and did not put any hits.