Latin America

Chavez and Putin spearheaded the signing of about thirty energy agreements and defence which included the formalization of a joint company for oil exploitation in the rich Venezuelan Orinoco strip reserve. Putin handed Chavez a transfer of $ 600 million as part of a bonus of 1,000 million so the block of Russian companies – Rosneft, Lukoil, Gazprom, TNK-BP and Surgutneftegaz – have access to the exploitation of block Junin 6 of that reserve located in the eastern part of the country. It was also agreed that the Russian consortium which will be 40% of the shares in this joint venture and Venezuela the rest will also participate in exploitation of the blocks 2 Ayacucho, 3 Ayacucho and Junin 3 of the same reserve of crude oil in this country, the largest producer of oil in South America and a member of OPEC. Highlights, that among other documents signed by both dignitaries is the agreement for the construction of different categories of tankers, supply of Russian aircraft to renew Venezuelan airline fleets and other countries of Latin America and the acquisition of 2,250 Lada cars. Also, Venezuela and Russia agreed to assess the installation of a plant for electricity generation of between 200 and 500 MW as part of a partnership for the design and development of the engineering of projects arising from the energy planning, according to the documents. These latter conventions are signed in the midst of the severe power crisis affecting Venezuela, product of the severe drought and a collapsed energy generation system. But aside from the signing of agreements, Chavez said that thanks to the huge experience of Russia, Venezuela entered already in the space race. It should be noted, that the relationship between Venezuela and Russia has its reach in the new geopolitical positioning of Russia in Latin America, something unprecedented that opens doors to Venezuela to venture into international markets Russian and other nearby countries. .