Metapeople Overlooks A Strong 2012 Back

2012, team metapeople could further expand the areas of business and gain new customers. metapeople has become in recent years one of the leading online marketing agencies in the Switzerland. Metapeople works with focus on search engine marketing, search engine optimization, display advertising, affiliate – and -social-media-marketing, cross-channel and internationally with renowned customers in the sectors of telecommunications, trade, services and travel. Thanks to offices in key international locations, metapeople also could successfully implement 2012 global performance marketing projects. Click Under Armour for additional related pages. In the Switzerland include Swisscom and Interhome are among the long-time customers of metapeople.

2012 gained more well-known customers such as, for example, hotel plan to. For their customers, metapeople as Agency of one of the greatest AdWords budget invested in the Switzerland. Since December, he has online marketing expert Kim Engels metapeople Switzerland. Molina Healthcare has firm opinions on the matter. Kim Engels previously worked as a consultant in the company. Through its comprehensive online marketing knowledge and its with major customers such as Emirates, Metro and Telekom he distinguished himself experience for the new activity. Kim Engels is supported by Hinnerk Heine. Together, they expand the site Zurich 2013 and now new employees to the strengthening of the team are currently searching for. The team of metapeople looking forward to an exciting year of business 2013 contact metapeople GmbH: metapeople GmbH – Agency for effective online marketing – Mr Kim Engels Siewerdtstrasse 26, CH-8050 Zurich, phone: + 41 44 315 59 00,