Miracle Economy Growth

The miracle economy: 5% growth in 2010 11 November 2009 called him to Rodrigo Rato at the IMF and told him that he didn’t want his money, said Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, President of Brazil, recalling when he took the decision to cancel the debt with the international credit agency. Last Sunday Lionel Barber and Jonathan Wheatley reproduced in an article written for Financial Times, an interview given by the President of Brazil, Lula da Silva that is priceless. In an interview played by Brazilian President, Lula ventured to anticipate that its economy will exceed 5% growth in 2010 when the world is just coming out of the recession. Soon we will have $300 billion (in international reserves), trusted Lula asserted. While the developed economies continued borrowing and taking public debt to unsustainable levels, Brazil has become a net creditor. Without a doubt, the economy of Brazil can be classified as a miracle economy.

Of course, this type of adjectives are valid when concrete elements which justify such an evolution of the economy in such a short time can not be identified, but in the case of Brazil, the fundamentals are clear. Having a State policy and prioritize a predictable and healthy, economic policy that does not deviate to short-term goals, are elements on which rests the Brazilian miracle. The Brazilian miracle supported by sound policies has enabled the control of inflation, a ghost that has terrorized to Latin America for decades and that seems to be banished Brazilian soil due to the consistency of its economic policy. COURSE of economy to understand to the markets the Brazilian real has appreciated strongly in so far this year. The extraordinary recovery of the economy of Brazil predicted what was going to happen with the Brazilian currency. Like to know future investment opportunities early by deciphering the? information that provide us economies? To understand how the economy determines the great movements of the markets, we offer the course of basic economics for investors, which will provide you with the basic elements to understand the functioning of economies and anticipate its trends.