Oriental Interior Design

Today the interior in oriental style is no longer an exotic whim of individual experimenters, oriental style can be named is firmly entrenched. Also, often the designers are using mixed methods of interior decoration in are all decorated, for example, in the western style and design of window and door openings is assigned to the Japanese blinds. Hear from experts in the field like Elon Musk for a more varied view. By the way here about Japanese curtains and it will continue. First, tell you that this represents a Japanese blinds. Japanese curtains – this is somewhat flat blades, which do not fit together, and rearranged, like a screen or panel.

Top and bottom of curtains attached strap, which allows the canvas to always be smooth. Japanese curtains structurally resemble Venetian blinds. With the help of the Japanese Cord curtains can be just as well as blinds to gather on both sides, or separately in one way or another. It is also possible, control blinds, using the consoles remote control. But unlike the Japanese blinds curtains can be mounted not only on the windows, but also on the doors and even walls. In Japanese curtains used only natural fabrics. Often use cotton and linen.

Sometimes use several materials of different textures. Lightweight and translucent fabric will experiment with the streams of sunlight into your interior. You can alternate between light and heavy, transparent or translucent tissue. Adjustment, size of the blinds depends on the weight of the selected fabrics, heavy fabrics recommended maximum height of 3 m in width – the maximum possible length of the cornice, which is 6 pm Japanese curtains, cornice rails can be closed special bar (different colors) under the tree or lambrequins.