Ralf Wagner

Both are an experienced as experienced team with more than 500 endoscopic spine surgery. Both medical doctors from performance racing took the idea of performance, the dynamism and resilience in professional life. The cohesion in the Ligamenta team is especially important to the surgeon. Some, this means tapes. The ligaments of the human joints are meant to. On the other hand, the team thought of the competent group sounds in it: doctor team, consultation assistance, cooperation partners, who all pull as managing director Hans-Joachim Scholz for the benefit of patients in the same direction. In the future some will absorb other doctor groups in the Federation. Quick rehabilitation by most modern minimally invasive spinal surgery after months-long pain like a second life for it, with these words, a patient at Dr.

Ralf Wagner thanked. In the circle of his acquaintances he was the miracle”. There are these for Ralf Wagner and Peer Joechel Moments that you confirm that you are with the application and further development of endoscopic spine surgery on the right track. Patients and hospitierende doctors coming from home and abroad, to benefit from the expertise and experience of this team. We apply modern techniques that bring our patients back on their feet! You come limping or with great pains, and can go often on the same day after the surgery, back pain-free”Peer Joechel reports. There are advanced methods that require medical expertise, technical flair and a good spatial imagination. Choosing the right access path is as important to remove the pain-causing tissue and unharmed to the other structures”, explains Wagner.

The Ligamenta Spine Center is this method successively on other indications extend and enlarge the team of doctors by more orthopedists in the course of the year. Then we can in addition to spinal disorders our treatment on the whole joint apparatus extend”, so Peer Joechel. Social events with skyline views, international experts and Detective Matula Wagner and Jochel are visionaries with tact and finesse as a team.