Seven Cups

Seven of cups is one of the tarot minor arcana. It usually appears when you must make a difficult choice. The image is extremely clear: seven cups are presented to the individual full of gifts and blessings. But, as all the cards of the tarot, this arcane is not without a downside. You will always find a hidden danger inside one of the cups, lurking, represented by the glass of the upper left corner which contains within it a serpent.

There is also a cup containing a dragon. In this case the threat is less direct, because perhaps the dragon could represent a power that is in our favor. This deck will be revealed to warn the person concerned about the plans that have little or no basis in reality. He advised us to take special cuidadis to carry things from imagination to reality, since rarely plans we had designed are met without difficulty. It is also an indication of the need to be careful with what you want. The temptation is another theme of this mystery. With so many options It would be easy to let yourself be tempted by the Cup that contains the serpent of jealousy and cunning. This letter is a call to personal discipline, and the strength of spirit.

If you are thinking of having an extra marital affair, and this letter out revealed in Chuck, better forget it. The pleasure obtained temporarily is amply outweighed by the consequences that will remain, in the majority of cases, for life. It is also a useful letter at the time to remember that we must examine carefully apparent gifts that life gives us. All is not gold that glitters. In the circulation of the tarot, the seven of cups is a signal to be attentive in everyday life. It is necessary to be on guard against temptation, and carefully consider all offers that will make us. Arises the possibility of that new job so much craves, but involves moving to a strange site? It will be better then consider all the consequences of that choice. It is necessary to keep a close watch on the dreams, to have no aspirations unbelievable and fantastic. Use your intuition as a guide. And yet, if you don’t know which choice do, perhaps better not to do any. Staying true to their beliefs, because in your heart, you will know what is right. The cards of the tarot & intuition Tarot Gitano seven of cups stars and eight of cups horoscope for today and stars stars and the Antikythera mechanism stars and