Types Of Attachments For Forklifts

At the moment there is a wide range of attachments for forklifts, divided into several types. This division is rather arbitrary and depends on what additional functionality acquire loading equipment when using this equipment. The following are the types of attachments. The first type we refer attachments, not add new features forklifts, and slightly extending their functionality. For example, side-shifter (English sideshifter), also known as the positioner – a device for lateral displacement.

This device adds no additional forklift functions, but only enhances the its basic purpose – the capture, lifting forks. This device helps to move the load in horizontal (left or right). The presence of a side-shifter enables the forklift to move cargo in three dimensions simultaneously. Various modifications of the positioners are designed for different operating conditions. For example, with increased lateral movement, to work with containers for trucks traveling from the mast, or to move barrels. Using saydshiftera allow loader operator work more efficiently. Unlike Europe, where these devices are used on forklifts very often, in Russia, the horizontal displacement device is not received a lot of popularity.

The second type of attachment may include devices that extend the standard functionality of forklifts. Examples of such devices can be used Fork extenders, stabilizers, load and clamping device, and-dump jogger, swivel mechanisms. With the latter, for example, you can move different containers with liquid and bulk cargo, as well as empty or pour out their contents. There are turning devices with different angles of rotation. The third type of attachments are devices that help loader to perform the functions for which he not originally intended.