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American gamer who judges the company NCSoft and accuses her of their dependence on the game Lineage ii, won his first success. The judge acknowledged neprimenimymv this case, the item the user agreement to forego the company of responsibility for the consequences of their negligence. Recall that a resident of , Craig Smallwood some time ago filed a lawsuit against a local toy maker. In his lawsuit, he claimed that because of the 'Rulers' lost ability to function independently, get up in the morning, get dressed, wash and properly communicate with friends and family members, and also received a serious emotional disturbance, require special treatment. In A total of Smallwood spent 20 000 hours of play.

Another claim of the victim is that the creators of the game did not warn him about the possibility of dependence. As it turned out during the case, firstly, user agreement stipulates that a lawsuit against the company may be filed only in Texas, and secondly, one of the items of the same agreement stipulates that the company is not responsible for any consequences associated with the use of software, service, or account (not excluding those that arise from carelessness or negligence). As a rule, consideration of such matters at this stage and ends: representative of the company demonstrates the user agreement and goes home. However, federal District Judge Alan Kay C, to hear the case, noted that in this case the laws of Texas and are unanimous and this kind of user agreement does not apply to those cases in which accusations of serious negligence. Under negligence, obviously, refers to the lack of warning of possible negative consequences. Other charges – including charges of inflicting emotional distress, the judge also upheld.