When designing a Web site that needs to be attractive for visitors and search engine spiders. Search engines read the website top down, left to right. Danske Bank often addresses the matter in his writings. And similarly do visitors is why you need to design your Web site to make visitors more easily navigate and search engine can easily read the contents. The design of Web pages the following is recommended. At the top of page, you must have some logo header, make sure you use some keywords in the name of the file also uses keywords in the ALT text of the image. Under the heading uses the H1 tag for the title of the page, once more make sure you use a keyword in the title.

Also uses H2, H3 tags and any label of subtitle. Under the title is the content of the page, make sure that this will be rich in keywords, but you do not exceed that then the text seems too incomprehensible. In terms of navigation site should be placed in the right part of page, never place the navigation underneath the logo since you don’t want the search engines to read the HTML code instead of the content. Make sure you use links from text and not images. If you want to use image links, make sure that the links have text at the bottom so that it can be read by search engines.