Designing Showers

For decades, a shower belongs to the standard equipment for any bathroom. A new trend for the modern bathroom – the walk in shower is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. Especially small bathrooms benefit from an enormous space saving, if is equipped with only a shower instead of a bath. Showers are there in many different variants. In former times it was often customary to separate a part of the bath by means of a curtain or – which is the luxurious art – glass wall and can be used to make as a shower a separate shower stall nowadays represents the standard. Besides the advantage of course gain a significant water savings, which is reflected in the energy and water costs arises while taking a shower. Also takes much less time than for a bathtub to a shower room.

However, several disadvantages facing these advantages. So many shower enclosures are not one hundred percent waterproof so when showering that care must be taken, that no water penetrates to the outside. Many fixed shower enclosures are made of aluminium profiles and Acrylic sheets put together and have many nooks and crannies where lime and dirt can get stuck, what significantly makes difficult the cleaning. Also is usually a more or less high level for entry into the shower tray to overcome; older bathrooms, there are often still shower trays with extra high sides, are also considered to use children or bathtub. Especially for elderly people, but also in times of physical limits such showers are a problem. But there is an ideal alternative to conventional showers: walk in showers ().

The principle is simple – just a corner or ideally creates a niche in the bathroom for a shower to reserve and the floor with the help of the corresponding tiles as a walk-in shower. If you have a special shower enclosure glass, the shower is ready. Walk in showers at first have the advantage of being on the ground floor accessible. They are easily accessible with a wheelchair. In addition, such showers are also much easier to clean than traditional shower trays and enclosures – because the shower here, depending on the design usually consists of smooth glass plates, fastened under largely avoid of disturbing profiles. Often are the glass panels with a special coating that ensures that reflected drops of water rather than lime. After all, are not least walk in showers a relatively inexpensive way to create a precious element of the bathroom design. Company Description glass is an online shop for glass doors, shower enclosures, glass and many other innovative products from glass sliding doors. The shop tries to provide the customers with the suitable products through a modern storage within a very short time.