The ventilated facade metal has many advantages and generally facades ventilated metal are used to rehabilitate facades are also very light and are a lot more effective in buildings with several decades old. What is achieved in an old building in the fact of adding metallic ventilated facade components, is that the building will now support new pesos. Another important aspect of the ventilated metal facade is the aesthetics and is the material of which they are made facilitates the creation of various designs and a wide range of models manage to find on the market. Actually what is done is a coating of metal-specific structure to restore as you can see in the picture below. Choosing colors to paint your facade is not easy task especially knowing the amount of colors that exist in the market is somewhat impressive. A lot of colors there is some are indoor and others are for outboards and there will always be one that pleases him more than the other. When painting its facade us you We recommend using paint sprays because that way the paint will be better spread and the expense of painting will be less a product like that is sold on television called paint zoom would be the ideal complement to the non-professional painter of facades. The colors more beautiful and better seen on the facades are soft and creamy tones with clear tonality, a clear even white color harmonizes the environment even with flora that surrounds him is why we recommend them.

Any color you choose will be fine just make sure its facade is clean before painting above all free from dust. To serve not only a facade it is necessary that its aesthetic aspect this defined perfectly if not which must meet certain aspects extra for that to become a functionally effective facade. Impermeability. Impermeability represents an important feature of a functionally effective facade since the main objective of a housing is to protect us from the sudden changes in climate and therefore the protection against the rain water is paramount in a facade functionally effective. Thermal insulation. The four walls are no guarantee that in this House the heat in cold weather will be high enough to protect the human body so the same in hot weather. The elements that are used in thermal insulation are polyurethane, fiberglass or mineral wool.

Acoustic insulation. As well as thermal insulation also polyurethane materials, glass fibre or mineral wool insulated also external sound and which comes from the inside for increased privacy. These were the main features of a functionally effective facade. Transventiladas facades are which come from a heavy category because they include pieces that are so. The transventiladas facades are similar to the curtain wall and consist of uprights, crossbars, and enclosures. In the transventiladas facades studs are anchored to wall, and part of enclosure is heavy. Enclosure parts are usually stone or ceramic plates. have an indoor enclosure sheet by the overall is brick. In transventiladas facades, which allows a thermal insulation is plates do not need to submit a sealed joint, and in assembling a few millimeters are separated among themselves precisely allowing ventilation through these cracks. This type of facade transventiladas is usually used in institutions for their fine and elegant results. Facades of houses, facades, see facades, facades, facades and photos gallery