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Linking different data sources via SixCMS_Shareport enables cost-efficient and convenient creation of print and online publications Verlag Stuttgart, September 23, 2011 – six open systems GmbH, a leading provider of enterprise content management and enterprise media asset management systems is represented with its own stand and presentations on the two most important events for the media industry this year. At booth No. A270 in Hall A at the IFRA Expo 2011 in Vienna, the world’s largest trade fair for the newspaper and media industry, as well as in Hall 4.2, booth No. (Source: MetLife). P444 on this year’s book fair in Frankfurt, the annual big event for the publishing industry, presents six innovative solutions for the media industry. Six at the IFRA Expo in the context of media ports there is also a on the 10th of October a customer project under the theme of mobile publishing business’ before.

On the hot spot stage of the Frankfurt book fair in Hall 4.2 Managing Director Ralph Kissner on October 14 at the example of a renowned publishing house outlined six possibilities for the Optimization of the value chain in the digital media production. SixCMS_Shareport concept allows six the increasing need gradually met process optimization for print and online publications with the introduction of the SixCMS_Shareport approach to flexible possibilities for the reuse of content for both print and online publications such as catalogues, magazines or online shops. The SixCMS_Shareport allows linking from various sources about the SixCMS enterprise content system of management, without need to be changed for existing and functioning processes or replicates the data storage. The SixCMS assumes the role of central data hub and junction. By it linked only to different data sources such as ERP and CRM systems, as well as databases for advertising texts, images and videos, these can be used for online activities and the creation of new print products.

The big advantage is that the solution that the data itself not only from the source systems in another system exports must be what often entail pitfalls. Because data storage will remain at their respective origin, can also if necessary changes re transferred during the creation of print and online publications if necessary again in the original data systems,”it brings Ralph Kissner, Managing Director of six open systems GmbH on the point. Be errors due to inconsistent data storage as also overheads for their continuous hand matching avoid. Processes are only specifically adapted in places not work optimally for the media creation. This saves costs and avoids a risky transition of proven operational processes.” New InDesign Pugin’s comfortable design of high-quality publishing products specifically for the creation of creative special supplements and publishing products such as Bookstore information, magazines, advertisers, and advertising brochures provides the SixCMS InDesign plug-in a content management system that makes it possible, high-quality To create printed products to the small budget and with a comfortable functionality. At the same time also mobile websites and apps as output channels can be so used. The SixOMC media and production database and InDesign integration is perfect when it comes to the simple creation of inserts for advertisers. By combining both texts and images in a simple way for creating professional print products can be used with SixCMS himself. The browser-based WebCenter Access creates the ideal basis with individual access rights for distributed work processes and the integration of external employees and service providers.