Personality Types

A man of confidence, distrust of his second half will be arrange wild jealousy, blame all the deadly sins, etc. Why is this happening? We all were once children, and of course, that childhood is all evolved in different ways, someone grew up in a loving and caring, and someone does nothing has not got. Relationships with parents, peers, the so-called social environment, hence we take all our adult problems. No forgiveness of injuries, someone's unfair words and other things that are buried under a layer of memories of events in our subconscious. All the bad and the trauma of us forced out of our consciousness and is deposited in the form of complexes and unconscious fears.

When a person is jealous, he unconsciously compares himself to rival, and since there is an inferiority complex, which is hidden deep inside the fear that your opponent is of course in some ways better than him and the choice may not be in his direction. Very unpleasant feeling and it's an understatement said, as a result of: anger, depressed mood, often unfair accusations toward the "opponent" and the second half (which is nothing predrassuditelnogo did). And after such an attack of jealousy, a sense of guilt, which is also good feelings do not add. As a result, we get a constant stress, guilt, depression, and in addition, problems in family life. From a person who is subject to jealousy, it is very difficult to live together, we must constantly make excuses about the minor delay, and if with him somewhere to go, so it's a continuous hassle, did not know him in the head, and to which post he will now be jealous. On statistics, men are more susceptible to jealousy than women. They are more demonstrative, if jealous, it means that on all cylinders. Women, in general, if jealous, do not like scenes, although there are certainly some instances and that can arrange such a scene that will not find it.

In some cases, jealousy can take enormous size and cause terrible outbursts, aggression, anger, cruelty. Yourself to get rid of jealousy, virtually impossible, no matter what you do not have the iron character. Fears and complexes are hidden deep in the subconscious, and pull them out, remember, and analyze from the perspective of an adult, and to those events your past, not an easy task and not one day. It is advisable to consult a specialist, psychologist or therapist, who with the help of special psychic will be able to help you. If you are aware that the subject of jealousy, that causes you discomfort in his personal life, go to a specialist and consult. If you for whatever reasons, you hesitate or think that you will consider a wimp, not necessarily someone to inform his campaign. That's because if you car broke down, you're just going to the station and renovating it, because it alone can not do. And hike to a psychologist, it's his job to help people and sometimes something to repair. I wish you, a successful family life!