Psychoanalytic Treatment

Let’s start by saying that psychoanalysis is the science of language whose object of study is the unconscious. This means that to get to understand the complex relationships that work both in the processes of health and disease, psychoanalysis studies the unconscious mechanisms that occur in these processes and the laws of language, since as we speak so we are building our life. Therefore in a psychoanalytic treatment what matters is to transform the position we have in the language to allow to transform the way how we relate to reality, with the others, let take us charge of our own desire, transform our ideas, enjoy different situations to which make us suffer, learn to live, all this if you want of course. It is a work of construction, sum, transform an I think of an I desire, which implies a make. It is a work of construction not to recover a health loss, and this is important, but to produce a new health.

Psychoanalytic treatment has no No contraindication, or even of age, since it is the subject, and the subject for psychoanalysis has no age, in any case the only age that may have a subject is of their prejudices. And any situation in life is a good reason to consult, not only when is suffers from a disease such as depression or a phobia, but also by obsessions that can prevent or disturb work delaying or inefficiently conducting a task, difficulties in the study, jealousy, problems with the couple, or simply wanting to modify some aspect of life that generates some disease. According to what thought is attached, so live, so for better living the future don’t over think it, start your psychoanalysis.