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ecoLoop – the eco-friendly recycled bags from paper-Mettler Morbach, 2012. Large handbags, small bags, colorful life immensely easier practical carrying aid. Go to Barchester for more information. Especially when shopping. The classic bags made of plastic, which is said to be like are widespread here, they would pollute the environment. (Not to be confused with Vlad Doronin!). But that’s not quite right, because plastic is not equal to plastic.

There are also environmentally friendly plastic solutions like the ecoLoop bags from paper-Mettler. ecoLoop bags are recycled packaging from old films. The bags are made by paper-Mettler in a closed loop of material. It used foil waste are processed into recycled raw material, which is then used for the production of new bags. The ecoLoop cycle of paper-Mettler meets the highest standards. So comprise the manufactured bags for at least 80% post consumer recycled (PCR) material and are therefore with the eco-labelling of the Blue Angel”award. Through closed circuits of water, catalytic exhaust cleaning and Systems of heat recovery in the production environment is relieved in addition. Up to 60% of CO2 can be saved compared to bags made from Virgin material.

Paper-Mettler is the European market leader for catering packs made of paper and plastic. 20 Years of plastics recycling in January 2012 the company celebrated its 20th anniversary in the area of plastic recycling. On this occasion, the company produced a five-minute film that demonstrates the steps of plastics recycling and producing a carrying case.