In a wide range of products represented in Europe are definitely visible features of a historical style, mostly, such as Baroque, Rococo, Classicism, Empire and less modern. Main borrowed elements: for Cabinets – convex or flat patterns of plant subjects, or false on the door frames, cornices continue; for upholstered furniture and beds – upholstery tapestry, bent or turned legs, sometimes carved, figured carved backrests, armrests, and other details, for the tables – supports, similar legs upholstered furniture, countertops, drawers and lids decorated with inlays and marquetry. All these decorative elements greatly increase the product cost. Most of these products come into our market from France, Italy and Romania. It is worth noting that today a considerable part of coming to the sale of products – furniture, decoration of which is a mixture of styles.

Its design by the rules of Art and Design direction, and then to decorate. These savings are mainly used in the manufacture of Russian cabinet “wall”, tables, beds. From the point of aesthetics, this furniture is of no interest. Separate branch of retrospective trends, the most characteristic for Russia – an ethnographic, are products that are decorative ornaments motives of any people, for example, Tatar, Udmurt, Yakut. Avant-garde trends in furniture design for this has brought a completely new shape and design of products, the use of modern materials and technologies, and as the constant need for fresh ideas. Therefore, before those who will buy furniture, put a hard choice of the future image of his home, and help with this you can decide only your own taste and size purse.