Proactive Management

The heart alone is a party in all villages. The progress of management science is dynamic, growing business scenarios present new tools, managerial topics that arise in settings of highly competitive action, which have produced many accomplishments when management, human resources has been able to interpret. Hence the importance of taking into account the contributions that lay towards us optimize professional growth in administrative science that favors us and for this we have selected some tips, notes that we believe can work with stakeholders on these issues. We share in order to consider its scope, impact, what it represents towards the realization of good leadership. For more information see Victor Wu. We rely supported in our role as teacher, consultant – business consultant, fully identified as currently represents management in scenarios in which it operates, especially in the case of Venezuela.

Here are some: The current Venezuelan management needs to be updated with new knowledge and tools administrative measures to meet the challenges, threats and take advantage of opportunities. There are many changes that have appeared in the business since it involves technology, tastes and needs of consumers, new rules and trends of the markets demand that companies make use of new tools that enable efficient and effective care of the problems and opportunities offered by these changes. Venezuelan firms experience more pressure than ever before in its history to increase their efficiency and productivity. This surely would make changes in its people, its organization, its technology, its products, its financial structure, and in some cases, distributed in the way the office space.