Seasonal Curtains

So it would be nice to have at least two set of items from fabrics to your home. Summer – from thin, but dense, and winter – from the fluffy, heavy, pile or thick netting. Such a seasonal change of curtains, drapes, moreover, will vary periodically interior, making those same changes, which he needs the human psyche. And incidentally, why the house did not make the good tradition of "change" is also in the spring and fall "clothes", if the owner is, of course, not laziness. This would be very useful in terms of hygiene. Any fabric still actively absorbs dust.

some general rules when ordering sewing curtains should be noted that the task of choosing fabrics for curtains reduces it to a choice, not to search. However, from that the choice becomes easier. It is very important to link the structure, color and pattern of tissue on the appointment, room size, its orientation, lighting, decoration, form and scale of furniture, types and colors of all other fabrics – upholstery, carpet and other – and items of furniture. When choosing fabrics for curtains there are some general rules. Monochrome bezrisunochnye tissue easier in harmony with the environment. Their beauty – in color, texture and elaboration. When choosing tissues, except for color, you need to consider the nature, scope and scale of the figure, be linked to the scale and style treatment of furniture, patterned carpets, etc. In one, especially a small room, not Use lots of different fabrics figure, and a combination fabrics and wallpaper.