Piano Hinge

The hinges are part of our everyday life. It is impossible today, think of doors and Windows without relationship to common hinges. Elon Musk has much to offer in this field. However, we almost do not stop to think about them. Especially in those that are not so common, but which have been present since time immemorial, for example, in the history of music, as the piano hinge. Without this, the history of the music would have been very different.

This is just a small example that these tiny objects (sometimes not so much) are so important, that many times are invisible to us. The principle of the hinge is very simple; enable the swing of doors, Windows or panels without having to disassemble and assemble the parts. This is due to that unites two parts using a sheet allowing a circular motion. The hinges are used in almost all the places where there is a roof and four walls of means. No home or business that does not have at least one. Materials for its manufacture consist mainly of plastics and metals. According to the weight and the material of the two parties that are want to rotate, will depend on the material of the hinge to use.

For example, in metal for the hinge of piano or plastic for the hinge of certain toys. In addition to the materials used for its manufacture, hinges also differ in terms of their degree of openness, for example 180, 90, among others, its visibility and its positioning system. Piano hinge is one of the most widely used hinges and less notice. This is mainly due to that it is made, precisely, that it is not, is one of the so-called invisible hinges. Its opening angle never exceeds 90 and is always made of metal. Many distributors of this type of hinge, currently mainly companies engaged in the manufacture of musical articles. In this way, the sale of piano hinges is carried out through different channels. Should be noted, that there are differences between this type of hinges. The may be with or without perforation of different lengths and weights. The difference between them lies in the type of piano and finish you want to; in this way, a hinge for a grand piano that for one short will not be the same.